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View Full Version : A Thought for Easter Fourth

05-03-2009, 10:28 AM
:) The Gospel talked about is John Chapter 10. 11-18

"The Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Easter is always about Jesus as "the Good Shepherd" It is a really familiar image and it is not suprising that Psalm 23 Remains such a popular text even in a post-Christian culture. But the Ikon is deceptive. When we hear "shepherd" we picture scenes of sunny days, with a man and his dog gently ndging the sheep into a pen. Its a Comforting image

When Jesus says "Shepherd" he is drawing on his own culture. He means something immensely strong and robust. In the Biblical world, Shepherds Led, rather then drove their sheep, and their job was no pastoral Idyll. It involved a lost of rough sleeping (the pens had no gates, so the Shepherd had to sleep in the doorway, blocking sheep in, and preditors out) also being prepared to fight with bears, wolves and robbers.

GOD our "Good Shepherd" is not a passive figure, but alive and active in the rough stuff of our living. The challenge of following him are huge. What he offers is assurance and protection."

(In other words, the Ikon of the Shepherd is only removed from the Ikon of a Warrior in the same degree as the Ikon of a Soldier is removed from the Ikon of a Police Officer. You might however claim that Christ is personifying an Ikon. Thus Being a Shepherd might be more like being a Farmer in the Post Modern World. Again, sorely underated and largely ignorant views remain on what it actually takes to be a Farmer...)

"One of those unusual features in Johns Gospel is the so-called "I Am" sayings. All the way through Jesus uses this phrase. "I am the true vine" "I am the bread of life" "I am the good shepherd" and, at his arrest, Jesus simply says "I am"

At first sight this may seem really obvious, that Jesus is simply using figures of speech and symbols to talk about what he is doing. In fact something much more significant is going on. In the Old Testament, the phrase "I am" is the Name of GOD.

Jesus is infact not only telling us the He is GOD, but also telling us what GOD is like. Jesus is showing us the very nature of GOD."