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  1. Boy suspended for bringing Bible to School!
  2. Its bad enough here in America,but this takes the cake you might say!
  3. GE and AT&T getting Government money!
  4. 1958, US accidently lost a nuke in the gulf of Mexico
  5. Ain't they got better things to do?
  6. Gee,What a class act! NOT!
  7. Morons who hate Oil!
  8. On this I have to take the Unions side!
  9. Barack Obama Confirmed Candidate for 2012 Re-Ellection
  10. NY councilman wants to ban happy meals!
  11. US Federal Government to...shut down???
  12. Bill to Pay Military if Gov't Shuts Down Gaining Momentum
  13. Judge that struck down prop 8 Homo!
  14. Obama threatens to veto funding for troops!
  15. Illegal immigration is not an Ethnic issue!
  16. Movements of The Heads of State
  17. Letter containing White Powder sent to Allen West!
  18. Worth a look!
  19. If this takes it says it all!
  20. Well I took a wild hair and Emailed this to Mich McConnell!
  21. GE,The freeloader and Obama buddy!
  22. He oughtta be hanged!
  23. The Planned Parenthood article I mentioned!
  24. Border Patrol Seizures, April 10, 2011 - Falfurrias, TX
  25. France's controversial burqa ban takes effect
  26. Gas prices your fault! According to Obama!
  27. Food police at it again!
  28. 9th circus at it again!
  29. First Plan Released for Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!
  30. Dingbat woman paints her sons toenails! Pink of all things!
  31. The President's Speech...
  32. anybody else think he neglected to mention something important?
  33. West calls out critics!
  34. Forced abortion stopped!
  35. How will you celebrate the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine?
  36. 'Birther bill' vetoed by Arizona governor
  37. Did Obama actually found "the prayer breakfast"?
  38. These Pansies Never Won Red Rover I Bet
  39. Asthma Caused by Coal Mines
  40. Rate Gov. Scott Walker's Performance
  41. Documenting the undocumented in L.A.
  42. Left makeing fun of Trig Palin! A disabled Child!
  43. Tehran crackdown on Dogs!
  44. Taliban threatens London Women with death!
  45. Happy Good Friday!
  46. Barack Obamas Weekly Address
  47. GOP to make hay in May over gas!
  48. EPA rules force Shell to abandon oil drilling plans!
  49. Joining Forces
  50. White House releases Obama's birth certificate
  51. What's behind Attack on Trig Palin!
  52. Bush Did It right
  53. Why The Royal Wedding would have been better at Saint Paul's Cathedral
  54. Bush wasnt the only president to make gaffs
  55. is it true that Virginia
  56. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!
  57. Does anyone else on this board think 9/11 was an inside job ?
  58. Bin Laden's Son: Worst Is Yet to Come
  59. Here come the Milk Police!
  60. Former Pilot for Bin Laden Family
  61. GITMO detainees led U.S. forces to Osama Bin Laden
  62. The Natives are upset
  63. Kids Bush Was Reading To On 9/11
  64. Obama refuses disaster relief for TX wildfires
  65. No proof of Osama Bin Laden's death
  66. Herman Cain wins first GOP debate!
  67. Tax by the mile! Supposedly its not a real proposal!
  68. Question and Discussion
  69. Connecticut vs Walter Reddy and 2A!
  70. BWWWWWaahahahahahahahahahah Clinton Owned!!
  71. Opinion: Bin Laden's sea burial was 'sad miscalculation'
  72. Border crime under reported!
  73. US Government asks for YOUR views on Immigration Reform
  74. Does anyone on this board think 12/7 was an inside job ?
  75. Cain slams Obama over 'Poisonous' Rapper!
  76. Obama is a Navy SEALS Action Figure
  77. McCain ladies feud with Glenn Beck
  78. Bin Laden's other victims...
  79. Obama lies to England
  80. Have Mexicans Will Travel
  81. Do the Iranians have it right???
  82. Right to carry Reciprocity!
  83. Intelligence Squared
  84. IMF Head accused of Rape from 2002 (ruins French Presidency bid...)
  85. US Federal Government Launches "international Strategy for CYBERSPACE"
  86. Cantor Co-Sponsors Bill to Defund Abortions
  87. Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun
  88. Not real sure how accurate this is but
  89. Sick of O'Reilly!!
  90. Roman Catholic ArchBishop of Los Angeles Commends Obama Immigration Reform
  91. "I've never been to Ireland, I'd Like to Go"
  92. A victory for firefighters engulfed by sexual harassment!
  93. Barack's Bull**** Bingo!
  94. Allen West - A real American
  95. 13-Year Old Interrogated by the Secret Service over a FB Post
  96. Sen. Coburn (R) attempts to stop benefits to Adult "Infant"
  97. Inside Victim speaks of China Abuse!
  98. Protesters try to disrupt Church service!
  99. Shariah law in American courts!
  100. Must see! Gas Price Hypocrisy.
  101. Suadi woman detianed for defying driving ban!
  102. Memo to Arnold and the media!
  103. The Most Political Speech of Her Reign, To Eire
  105. McCarthy was right!
  106. They really know how to treat Women!
  107. USDA fines family for selling Rabbits!
  108. Former Marine killed by swat!
  109. He could always run for President In Ireland instead
  110. Chris F's political blog
  111. Would meek compliance have saved Jason Kemp!
  112. $50 Fine for Texting While Walking
  113. I think the Child is better for society than Flint!
  114. ADF policy would protect ALL Children from bullying!
  115. More disgusting treatment of women
  116. I ain't yet figured out how these laws are Racist!
  117. Accused terrorist arrested in Kentucky!
  118. Why Should God bless America?
  119. Adam Kokesh body slammed, choked, police brutality at Jefferson Memorial
  120. Tradgedy at The Royal Gun Salute
  121. Have I got news for you...
  122. Is Obama Constitutionally eligible for president?
  123. another war time blunder from Adolf Hitler
  124. Germany in Trouble with New Virilent E-Coli
  125. Is Moral leadership important? The Weiner debate
  126. Harassment or Freedom of Speech?
  127. United States Awards German Chancellor "The Medal of Freedom"
  128. U.S. Debt - $62 TRILLION
  129. Church wants to grow but City says No!
  130. Goshen College Bans Nat'l Anthem
  131. Is a speeding ticket probable cause to check your cell?
  132. Funny/not funny quotes of the Duke
  133. Alabama governor signs tough new immigration law
  134. The Queens Consort, HRH The Prince Philip Mountbatton, Duke of Edinburgh
  135. Church of England speaks against British Government politically
  136. Backlash begins for Judges who backed illegal entry!
  137. Sarah Palin email frenzy!
  138. Racial hoax causes PR headache for McDonald's!
  139. Stray dog saves woman!
  140. Better future look to the past.....
  141. $6 Billion Heist of Iraq Reconstruction Funds
  142. Chuck Norris Calls for Political Jui-Jitsu
  143. Cops get keys to your house?
  144. Judicial Tyranny
  145. Who do you want for President?
  146. Fast,No Furious yes! Grassleys statement!
  147. Archbishop of Canterbury classed as "Subversive" by Secret Service
  148. This Woman is plumb crazy!
  149. NBC cuts "Under God" from pledge.
  150. Fake cop tried to arrest,touch young girls!
  151. Special ed teacher caught sex ting student!
  152. Bachman attacked with glitter!
  153. The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft
  154. 5 years for recording a police officer!
  155. One patient cop!
  156. An example of why we need to watch the watchman!
  157. CBS ignores Herman Cain's performance in Iowa poll!
  158. I've never heard of this happening before!
  159. Gay Marriage a response to New York.
  160. I doubt this would be a global hunt if it was a normal striaght couple!
  161. What a great use of time for the sec. of state!
  162. Gee what nice Folk's!
  163. Cut spending! Maybe start here!
  164. Norwegian Women "Embrace(d) (by) Diversity"
  165. Look out for the thought police!
  166. The Truth About Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama
  167. On this I don't see where the cop did anything wrong!
  168. Excellent dog kills snake!
  169. Florida's debated welfare drug-screen measure kicks in
  170. HRH Prince William Give Canada Day Speech
  171. The Current Heir to Old Austria-Hungry has died :'(
  172. New Gay History Lesson
  173. The Trouble with Quebec
  174. "Education" Association
  175. The Fourth Financial Unstable European Country is..ITALY!!
  176. Obama: seniors could be hurt without debt deal
  177. Public schools political agenda.
  178. And we wonder why California's nearly bankrupt?
  179. Explain Debt Ceiling Please
  180. The Lord Speaker
  181. Nicely Pwned
  182. With Default just two weeks away, US Debt talks collapse
  183. Baltic Terrorist Attacks in Norway begins Afghan retaliation
  184. Baltic Bomber has links with EDL?
  185. Gay couple offended (again)
  186. Marijuana
  187. This frightens me :'( Sharia Law Enforced Zones in UK
  188. Norway killer goes to luxury prison
  189. Barack Obama Caves to Pressure at the Eleventh Hour
  190. I didn't think we can afford this!
  191. VIP Lounge Discovered in Roman Colosseum
  192. WW2 Italian Kings fight AGAINST Mussollini
  193. The Case of Katherine Gunn...the US illegal request
  194. Riots in London this past week!
  195. Just in time for the 2012 election!
  196. Barack Obama celebrates Ramadan..with a MEAL
  197. Italy Recalls Parliament over debt crisis
  198. ObamaCare Declared Unconstitutional by U.S. Court of Appeals
  199. Birmingham Strengthened post riots by Victims Father
  200. Zero Growth for France during Quarter Two
  201. "Tea Party! America Thanks You!"
  202. Banks demand mortgages from Riot victims
  203. Prime Example of My Defence of America against Britons
  204. Why King Jigme III of Bhutan is so important
  205. I'm going to break ranks here
  206. Royalty visits London Riot communites
  207. The Story of The English Republic
  208. Bloodstain Lane: Society Has Lost
  209. Poor, Ignorant Atheists Swamp U.S.
  210. US Vice President looking for Chinese Vote to win next ellection?
  211. Peruvian EarthQuake Magnitude 6.8 Today
  212. Libyan Rebels overthrow Tripoli
  213. How the Nazi party used Displacement in Europe
  214. The King (and Queen) of All Threads
  215. Parts of Coastal New York City evacuated ahead of storm
  216. General David Petreus Retires from US Army Today
  217. WTF is he talking about
  218. Lichtensteins Prince Threatens Veto in Abortion Referendum
  219. wooton Bassett taken off Repatriation Route
  220. Appeals court rules it NOT illegal to film Police!
  221. Job Speech - Funny FB Comments
  222. American Jobs Act
  223. Why has a permanent memorial to United 93 taken so long?
  224. Fridays at the Pentagon*
  225. Man Sues White Castle Over Booth Size
  226. England plans for Collapse of Euro...and European Union
  227. Dubya and Me
  228. Happy Birthday Los Angeles
  229. Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality
  230. Another Example of me dealing with Euro-Liberals
  231. RICK PERRY, THE RESPONSE, AND American Family Radio
  232. Obama Fried Chicken
  233. Feds at Your Door
  234. UK Parliament prepares for the 160th Session
  235. Wooten Basset gets Royal Affix Granted By The Queen
  236. Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children
  237. Prime Ministers Questions
  238. Saint Paul's Cathedral Refuses to Halt Occupy London Demonstration
  239. Looks like Ghadafi is Dead ..
  240. Who do you want to see as the Republican Presidential Candidate?
  241. The History of British Democrasy in Three Mins!
  242. The Vatican Calls for a World Government!!
  243. Is thier any food they don't want to restrict or ban?
  244. QE2 Diamond Jubilee Thread
  245. The Unbelievable call for a Greek Referendum
  246. WWE owners back Romney for Prez 2012
  247. Obama/Sarkozy blunder (against Israel) at G20 Summit
  248. US Marks Remembrance Day 2011
  249. US/China talks
  250. Supreme Court to rule on Constitutionality of Obamacare