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  1. 17-year-olds can now use Plan B
  2. what a joke.
  3. California to ban black cars!
  4. Ready for big Tax hike?
  5. G20 Protests turn Violent in London
  6. Obama's & BAD Gifting AGAIN!!
  7. Obamas wife touched The Queen...inappropriately!
  8. Obama to end charitables contributions.
  9. Sharia Law in the United States?
  10. Iowa Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage
  11. Herman Cain at a fair tax rally!
  12. woohoo politics section
  13. The Mighty ACORN!
  14. No official Security Council reaction to North Korean launch
  15. Black conservatives
  16. Swiped from another board!
  17. Vermont legislature overrides Gov veto to allow for Gay Marriage.
  18. Obama appoints homosexual to faith based council
  19. Blot out the Sun - Obama's Climate Plan
  20. Americans don't copy the British healthcare sytem
  21. Slate - Obama the Exaggerator
  22. watch it .
  23. Pastors and the hate crime laws
  24. War on the Horizon?
  25. Steelers to lose half of their Super Bowl trophies
  26. Silencing the opposition!
  27. Right wingers?
  28. The French are at it AGAIN!
  29. So much for respecting the Christian faith!
  30. Texas To Leave the Union?
  31. Talking bad about the presiden / critisize?
  32. Joe Biden
  33. Hate crime update!
  34. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth
  35. 500 years ago today, an Event Changed the World
  36. The Organization of American States
  37. "Global Warming"
  38. Saint Georges Day
  39. Hate Crime bill goes to the full House
  40. Money, so they say
  41. We The People Stimulus Package
  42. Texas: secession?
  43. Specter is a RINO no longer
  44. Kane of the WWE give a Libertarian speech
  45. To me Waxman seems like a hateful nut job!
  46. Obama the spending machine
  47. New prison for Guantanamo Bay
  48. Death Penalty
  49. Palestinian & Gaza refugees coming to U.S. at OUR expense
  50. Obama Admin Terrorism Dictionary Calls Pro-Life Advocates Violent & Racist
  51. Just imagine if Palin bought 500 dollar shoe's!
  52. Montana Poised to Buck Federal Gun Control
  53. Miss California / Miss USA runner up in trouble for being against Gay marriage?
  54. this might be old but it is still funny...
  55. Crisis in The Commons
  56. Limbaugh Nailed This One
  57. Click it or Ticket
  58. Communist Goals of 1963
  59. Silk for the King...
  60. No Confidence Motion becomes public
  61. Tamil Tigers are defeated
  62. The Economic Impact Of Cap & Trade
  63. Odds on Favourite for Next King
  64. U.S. Debt Clock
  65. Obama and Military Academies
  66. N. Korea Conducts Nuclear Test
  67. How will Obama respond to N. Korea?
  68. Cali courts uphold the gay marriage ban
  69. A Video Y'All need to watch!
  70. UGH!
  71. The Obama Deception
  72. Chaos begins as Iran moves for an Ellection
  73. Voter intimidation charges dropped!
  74. Obama on Israel.
  75. Obama's Top Ten Apologies
  76. I can't believe Obama did this.
  77. British Government on the Brink
  78. Blacks vs Gays!
  79. Death Penalty!
  80. Letter from a Dodge dealer!
  81. Not Change I can believe in!
  82. Who is "We?"
  83. Personal Attacks, Political Discussion, and Ethical Journalism
  84. fair?????
  85. Sounds like somebody I would like!
  86. Health Reform
  87. Obama fires watchdog for barking at his crony!
  88. Iran on the Verge of a Second Revolution
  89. Anyone else think Mccain is wrong?
  90. S.Korean President says something I like.
  91. Captain America: Reborn
  92. Obama is a fly killer ...
  93. Miami School Named for Mourning over Reno
  94. Report: Bailed-out execs used jets for holidays
  95. Barrack Obama Comes to Save the Day
  96. Italy's Prime Minister sets example for all...
  97. 700 NYC Teachers are paid to do nothing
  98. $2,500 Rebate for College Tuition
  99. BornAgainAmerican.org
  100. Citi Boosts Salaries to Offset Bonuses
  101. Iran's Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush
  102. Get back in the Closet!
  103. House Passes Major Energy Climate Bill
  104. Laugh at the video , But , is it really that far off ?
  105. White firefighters win Supreme Court Appeal
  106. A VERY Quick US History lesson
  107. Gun Control laws working in Chicago!
  108. Is it really true?
  109. The Queens Message to The Armed Forces
  110. Obama's birth certificate
  111. Politics Takes Chunk out of White House Payroll
  112. Two Royals nearly bought to Tears
  113. N. Korea Fires Missles; Launch Toward U.S. Feared
  114. Taliban buying children for suicide bombers
  115. Presidential Seals
  116. Most Senior Officer Since Faulklands is Killed in Helmand
  117. N. Korea Marks July 4 with Missle Barrage
  118. Can You Pass the Latest U.S. Citizenship Test?
  119. A Little Gift to my American Friends
  120. An important EMAil I received!
  121. "Gangster Government" being run by Obama
  122. Congressional Budget Office Federal Debt Predictions
  123. AIG To Pay Bonuses AGAIN?!?!
  124. Bumper Stickers
  125. Sotomayor backers target firefighter
  126. 19th July 1588
  127. How Government wrecked the economy
  128. Nearly All My Professors Are Democrats
  129. Two Scientists, Two Standards
  130. How to Catch a Wild Pig
  131. Another Gem by Joe Biden
  132. A quote from 1944...
  133. In our own back yard!!
  134. 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick
  135. So its now PC to hate Asians?
  136. Govt paying for Abortions?
  137. Ordering a Pizza
  138. Dirty Jersey
  139. Please explain!
  140. Well, i'm already in the doghouse....
  141. one last case of critcal thinking and plain speaking.....
  142. Scary stuff!
  143. Savage banned for being Jewish?
  144. A video I like!
  145. In defense of Fur coats!
  146. Harvard Professor's Arrest
  147. Don't know how true this story is but its interesting!
  148. Obama Stimulus funds "Perverts Put Out"
  149. Did Jesus reveal the anti Christ?
  150. Obama beer summit
  151. I highly reconmend watching Expelled!
  152. White House: No guarantee taxes won't go up
  153. Royal Navy Commission New Warship HMS Daring
  154. Hitler,Darwinism and the Holocaust!
  155. Why Most Journalists Are Democrats
  156. A Jewish response to Obama's Cairo speech
  157. Read this.
  158. Communist Cuba Running Out Of Toilet Paper
  159. How Generous Are Liberal Politicians?
  160. Lest We forget
  161. Parking Ticket
  162. An old lady's view of Obama
  163. Lawmakers face angry crowds on health care
  164. I find this abit Spooky!
  165. It's that time of the month for Hilary Clinton
  166. I say he should be Employer of the month!
  167. Ex cop admits to racial profiling!
  168. Wealthy Group Pushes To Be Taxed More
  169. Afghan law allows husbands to starve wives
  170. Never thought I would agree with Robert Byrd on anything!
  171. As if Barny Frank has any politeness credibility!
  172. Resturants must post HD score!
  173. What would you say if I gave you 11 reasons the 2010 elections will be the most...
  174. Marine Unleashes Verbal Beatdown on Democratic Congressman at TownHall Meeting
  175. Free speech under attack!
  176. Obama Lied. The Economy Died
  177. Al Gore being sued by 30,000 scientists
  178. Ted Kennedy passes
  179. U.S. helicopter accidentally dumps Afghan ballot boxes
  180. Van Jones! The Green Czar!
  181. Look out for Japan!
  182. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Chairman of Tax-writing committee underreported income
  183. I voted Democrat
  184. Urine or you're out!
  185. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  186. Has anyone else read?
  187. Ben & Jerry's celebrates gay marriage
  188. Obamas Speach to children on tuesday
  189. Great article by WWE's Kane
  190. Fines proposed for going without health insurance
  191. U.S. �unlikely� to recoup auto outlay, panel finds
  192. Obama on Healthcare issues
  193. WTF?! A tax on soda?!?!
  194. London Claims Independance
  195. WWE's CEO, Linda McMahon enters senate race
  196. ACLU wants to tear down war memorial
  197. Another nutty Czar!
  198. 15 Abortions in 16 years
  199. Kids sing for Obama....
  200. Letter to the editor
  201. Public school 101
  202. More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation
  203. WAR UNCLE TED !!!!!!!
  204. Invironazie's after our Toilet Paper!
  205. List of Czars and thier backgrounds!
  206. Defund Acorn Act in danger
  207. Texas boy shoots down 800 pound gater!
  208. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize - why?
  209. Obama's First 6 Months' Accomplishments
  210. Please let this be satire!
  211. Nobel Prize Should Go 2 Nuclear Weapons
  212. I didn't know they had such strict rules on who can buy a team!
  213. Limbaugh may have grounds for Libel suit!
  214. No SS COLA for 2010! Kinda sucks I think!
  215. How the proposed health care violates the constitution
  216. CNN reporter apoligizing!
  217. love me one of these...
  218. A few Healthcare idea's I sent in an E Mail!
  219. Why I am a Conservative
  220. Anyone else fedup with Iran?
  221. Money Can Be Save if Death Penalty Ended
  222. 30 republicans vote AGAINST anti-rape bill
  223. Just some videos: Please help explain.
  224. A veeeerrry intresting video!
  225. 204th Commemoration of Trafalgar
  226. Please Help our Country
  227. Very interesting Video. They look the same.
  228. If you missed the film "Obama Deception," then check this...
  229. Women Marines Want the Front Line
  230. Turn it down or turn it off!
  231. Hate Crime bill passes, Christians on red alert
  232. Time-scaled Conflicts
  233. US to pay Taliban members to switch sides
  234. Economy UP
  235. The Queen Entertains
  236. Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?
  237. www.LaRouchePAC.com - Examine & comment
  238. Top Ten Best Presidents
  239. Planned Parenthood leader resigns after watching ultrasound of abortion
  240. Do Canadians Have An Inferiority Complex?
  241. op-ed article
  242. Canada appears to accept Charles after all...
  243. VA, NJ & NY 23
  244. Duke of York Commemorates WW2 African Liberation
  245. Please give me your thoughts on this Video.
  246. Something funny I saw today...
  247. Amnesty Bill - Congress is off their f'ing rocker with this!
  248. White Male Members of Color Guard Pulled From World Series For More "Diverse" Profile
  249. So I guess the Gun made him do it?
  250. Gitmo prisoners to Illinois?