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09-11-2012, 08:36 PM
Okay...So Although Gladiatorial Games had been going on for about five hundred years by this point...Emporar Vespesian commisions the building of the Colosseum. The Money for the building is directly sourced from selling off Items Stolen seven years before, from the Temple of Jerusalem, during one such uprising.

The two Gladiators in the main event, were both originally captured from Turkey, they both were auctioned as Slaves into the open cast mine near Rome, and they both helpped source the stone to build the monument before they were taken to the Ludus Magnus when it began work to prepare for the Inaugral Games

Professional Glaidators could expect to fight three to four times a year only. They usually worked full time for three year contracts before being allowed to fight for their Freedom...these Freedom Matches were usually the only time that there would be more then two individuals fighting during the bout.

Actual Deaths in the arenas were limited to the main cards, of which you could expect between five and seven duels with a main event.

Of all the actual matches in the Colosseums of Romes History ONLY the Main Event of the Inaugral Games has a play-by-play done by a local historian. The Matches involved Referees, whose function were to call the match instantly in the event that a mercy plea was entered...But ALSO to ballence the matches...for example...if one guy lost his shield, the Referee COULD stop the match and order the bout to resume after removing the shield of the other fighter.

You will NEVER guess the result of this match.

It was a bloody DRAW :laugh:

Both men survived, and both were granted Freedom...Indicating that its possible that there could have been a time limit imposed on the fight.

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