View Full Version : Inside Look: EA SPORTS UFC Dev Team Gets it Started at UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas

08-14-2012, 12:38 AM
From EASports.com:

Earlier this week, EA SPORTS announced that the award-winning Fight Night team would be developing the next UFC videogame. The team, led by Creative Director Brian Hayes is already hard at work, recently attending UFC Fan Expo 2012 in Las Vegas to capture fighter likenesses using the latest scanning technologies.


The marathon capture session lasted three days and the team captured over 200 fighters’ likenesses for potential use in an upcoming EA SPORTS UFC title.


The tech setup features 16 HD cameras designed to capture every detail of a fighter’s appearance, scanning full body and facial features.


The images are then sorted in a program until they can be processed later on. These processed images are used by artists who model the characters they create based on the data captured.


The EA SPORTS UFC development team was also lucky enough to receive a tour of the Ultimate Fighter Gym. They saw the fighters’ changing rooms, the lounge, the gym itself and Dana White’s office. They took photo reference of the gym to use if they needed to recreate the environment for the upcoming videogame.

It’s still very early in the development cycle, but the dev team was excited to get a chance to meet all the fighters and meet some great UFC fans at the expo. Lots of fans came by the EA SPORTS UFC booth to check out the capture session and let the dev team know how excited they were for a new UFC game, especially one made by EA SPORTS.

We can’t wait to share more news with EA SPORTS UFC fans as more details arise! Stay tuned fight fans!