View Full Version : Fight games for Kids?

06-19-2012, 03:56 PM
I’ve got three boys aged four through seven, and I’m trying to get them a good start overall including being able to handle stuff. My problem is, I live in a bit of a small town and finding a school that isn’t a belt mill or an MMA school for adults is proving tricky. There is a first class Judo club about an hour away and a good jitz/MMA place about as far in the other direction, but gas money and time are in short supply. I got the Gracie Bullyproof set and those are pretty good, but the boys have a hard time sitting still long enough to watch the presentation and do the drills. The thing I’ve found that really works is to make it a game, like having one play ‘spider hands’ (staying in mount) while the other plays ‘shark bite’ (escaping from mount) or having them both start standing and the first one to get a takedown from underhooks wins. Do you guys know of or remember any fun and educational games that I could try? I could especially use help with boxing stuff because that was always my weak area, but anything that (safely) works on basic skills would be great!