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06-07-2012, 03:33 PM

I spent the entire evening attempting to tarnish a piece of brass using a bottle of ammonia and now my apartment smells like 500 asparagus eaters used my kitchen as a urinal. In the quest to make a piece of metal look like an antique, Iíve killed more brain cells than huffing an entire scuba tank of helium, and this article is actually being written in my shower where there is amazing ventilation and my brain can return to a state where it can resume harvesting protein. Iím not sure why I didnít just do this whole project in the bathroom to begin with, or why M-1 Global feels the need to lie about Fedorís retirement, but props to Fedor for clearing the air about his Ďbogus last fightí against Pedro Rizzo in this interview with a Russian TV station:


At the 1:23 minute mark, he says the following:
Itís not a fact that I will retire. Weíll see after the fight. I donít know who came to the conclusion that I will coach young fighters. Everyone talks about my retirement, and that I will train young fighters. I never said that.
Fedor and his brother went on to say that they love to eat anything you put in front of them until theyíre asked to leave the dinner table, that they enjoy drinking mineral water and tea, Fedor is only afraid of God, Alexanderís favorite movie star is Fedor, and they answered a whole bunch of other questions about women that canít quite be put into context because we donít have passionate, respectful adjectives like that in English. The only thing Fedor and his brother know for sure is that whoever said he was going to retire made it up. With the success of Mirko CroCopís retirement fight in Croatia, followed by his first post-retirement victory in K-1 last week, weíll let you connect the dots as to where promoters get the idea that this is the ultimate marketing ploy to sell tickets. [Source (http://bjpenn.com/mmanews/2012/06/06/fedor-its-not-a-fact-that-i-will-retire-on-june-21st-well-see-after-the-fight-mma-news-28403.html)]