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Do those who were here in 2008 remember WHY I bought my camera? If Not I shall enlighten you all. I had spent Two years posting solidly on this forum, I had been appointed as a Moderator, Had visited my first live MMA event, UFC70, and I had been on my First States Tour, Meeting Nathan Rosario et al.

But I wanted to go further and let all those people who used to post regularly on this forum, the ability, not just to read what I post, but to SEE and HEAR me. So in 2008 My Mother got me my first Camera. It was a simply camera that didnt take pictures, only shot short videos, that you couldnt edit, and couldnt even playback, but you could upload them directly to the internet.

I had already got a youtube profile, a blank one, and suddenly I started to fill it. Mainly with Video Blogs. Slowly I discovered I could also do predictions and recap videos. I took it with me when I went to London for UFC85, and to cage gladiators events. During the first of which, it rained. Water got inside the camera and by the fall, the camera had stopped working, or rather the image was so terrible... So I bought myself another one, the same model and make. This one was sliding down hill by the following spring.

We decided that we didnt just need a new camera, we needed a proper camera. So for my Birthday in 2009 I got given an Aiptek. This model could take pictures, videos with zoom, and playback...but it worked in MP4 and my computer was an old model, so I couldnt watch any of the videos to edit before uploading. This continued right up until the collapse of Cage Gladiators that summer.

Then I went on my Second States Trip, and used some of the money to invest in a new computer, so that I could be certain I could edit before uploading. off I went visiting forum patrons in Virginia, and interviewing Mixed Martial Artists in Iowa, taking in cities like Chicago, and Washington DC

This camera konked out not long after the states tour in early 2010 because of overuse. One day I went to ripon and it wouldnt work. We got a new one under warenty, exactly the same, another aiptek. This Aiptek served me well, infact It still works to day as a complimentory camera, it was succeeded by yet another level up on the occasion of my Sisters Wedding in June 2011. By now I had Tripods, I had proper carry cases, a wealth of memory sticks and SD Cards.

The novelty was wearing off with the original audience, partly coz they couldnt be arsed to view anymore, but also because a lot of them no longer post regularly here. but I reached people through other forums and other networking websites. The emphasis did change though, and where as the early camera work was 80 percent MMA for this forum, and 20 Percent weekly video blogs...now there was more of a ballence. 40 percent MMA, 40 percent life, and 20 percent miscillaneous. My interest in birds had arisen with my acceptance of intrinsic value, and my life, I dare say was become more exciting as I didnt spend as much time online.

I began to take more records of holiday visits, travels, my pets, even recording letters of commendation or rants against big buisnesses. My focus became how to continue to overcome my financial debts, whilst job searching for something better, and attempting to move from Granville.

Meanwhile apart from the first half year, I generally dont delete any videos anymore. I think maybe thirty odd have been lost, and another forty odd are private, as I use it as a dumping space and storage facility also. The volume rose.

Last week I uploaded Public Video Number 1000


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Last week I uploaded Public Video Number 1000


Congratulations, Dave. :cool: