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Princess Anne was given the first Torch...this torch is going to be taken all round England between now and the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics..

...unfortunately three points stick in our heads....first a rougue gust of wind blew out the torch during the original lighting ceremony in Olympia...secondly, it was raining when the torch was passed to British Care in Athens...

...and finally we all remember the who introduced the torch journey dont we? Yep, the Hitler Administration during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin...before then the torch was always lit during the opening ceremony...it was not paraded around the entire country...we can thank Gooobals for that I would think, marvelous properganda :rolleyes:

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In England about 2000 golden torches have been made, each assigned to a person. In Olympia on the site of the ancient olympic stadium their was a...well an outright heathen ceremony...where fourteen Greek Virgins used mirrors to set fire to a bowl of shyte whilst praying to Apollo.

The first torch was then lit from that bowl. Whereupon the torch went out due to a gust of wind...soooooo they re-lit the torch. The torch was then transported alight over the week to Athens, the Greek Capital. At Athens the Torch was given over to Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, who is the Queens Daughter, who accepted it on behalf of the Nation and used it to light a tealamp.

That tealamp was transported by plane to Lands End, the South West point of England. Each day the Torch is in the hands of a person who parades it through the street to the next person, they light the new torch with the flame from the old torch. This flame is walked around by about 2000 individuals over the next month and a half going all over the Country...it passes through Ripon, and it goes through Knaresborough which is as close as it gets to my location.

Eventually the last Torch bearer will arrive in Englands Capital and will use the flame from that last torch to light the massive cauldron in the olympic stadium at the climax of the opening ceremony. This Cauldron will burn for the entire course of the games, and then be blown out at the end of the closing ceremony.

The Ancients would always have a fire burning, and in 1920 the modern olympics decided to have a fire at their stadium. Then in 1936 Berlin was chosen to host the Olympic Games. Adolf Hitler was in charge, and he gave the commission over to a guy called Joseph Goebells. You should know him because he was the propergandar minister for the Nazi Third Reich. He directed films, and he pretty much became a culture expert. He and his friend Karl Diem decided that having a fire was not enough...they had to link Germany to something mystical and something ancient. Sooo they said why not light the fire in Greece and walk it the entire way to the German Stadium. Connect the Ariyan Nation to the Ancient Greeks, and parade the torch through Europe. They employed about 33,000 people to carry the torch BY LAND the entire route...and I think it took many moons!

ever since then, all the Olympics have begun with this torch procession...except, they cant be arsed to carry it by land....so it usually gets lit in Greece, then goes by boat or plane to the host country and then spends a few weeks being taken through the streets.

You can see in the video below when during the opening ceremony, the final torch lights the cauldron at the stadium.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i1r08irN7E you see the torches get bigger and more elaborate, as do the methods of lighting them!!

Anything unclear about that :huh:

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if you have two hours...here was the ceremony I spoke of


It starts at 1 hour and 33 mins...if you dont want to watch the set up and milling around of VIPs lol