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its a really good documentary style look at the palace and its history. Its in two half hour sections


Suprisingly we learn that Buckingham Palace is a reasonably new seat of Royalty...I think people forget that the Monarchy used to be based in the Palace of Westminster...people dont even acknowledge it AS a proper palace anymore, because the Government kinda took it over :unsure:

It shows the Throne Room within Buckingham Palace...and how, plain and simple it looks compared to the Throne in the House of Lords within Westminster

You might also like to know that Buckingham Palace when first built was a Retreat, a Holiday home, not a Principle. Its built on the flood plain of the Tyburn River :happydancing: The Tyburn now runs completely underground in what I believe are man made ducts which still reflect its original course. The whole Area was bog land in the much larger flood plain of the Theames...of which the Tyburn is a tributary.

it was Conceived as a hunting retreat for King Henry 8th believe it or not.

Successive Royals then used the land like a zoo before it passed on to the Nobility and didnt re-enter the crowns direct possession until George 3rd. America wasnt the only rebellion...His own son built his own palace just down the road from Buckingham in direct competition, although its no longer in existance now. Once his mad father died, he scraped Carlton Palace and instead moved into Buckingham and gave it a rather extreme facelift :laugh:


When George died, the poor achitect more or less got the chop for the hideous overspend. What George didnt do, Prince Albert completed during the Victorian era

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With all due respect this is good info Tyburn.

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Its her Jubilee year, so get ready for much on the British Monarchy this spring/summer...does you no harm to know about the oldest lineage in the world. :)