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04-21-2012, 10:32 PM

Every morning while I stand groggily in my kitchen and wait for my Keurig to brew a cup of café bustelo I experience the roughest three minutes of my life. As great as the $200 piece of single mug coffee brewing kitchen machinery is-it just isn’t fast enough. Three minutes is an eternity at 5am and it is about three times longer than it would take most of you guys to accidentally release your baby making butter if Ronda Rousey ever gave you a shot at the panties title.

Those three minutes I spend waiting to wrap my fist around the handle of my espresso filled mug and bicep curl that hot liquid filled mug up to my eagerly awaiting mouth...(pause) those three minutes are nothing compared to Art Davie’s XARM challenge. XARM is the roughest three minutes of life for people who are a whole lot more hardcore than you or I. If you don't know what XARM is well its a challenge created by none other than Art Davie-one of the original founders of the UFC. XARM is a cross between arm wrestling and martial arts-performed at a table. According to a press release from Art Davie, XARM is looking for a few more people to take part in a reality type series to be featured on machinima.com. It will be a boot camp style training show that ends with the participants fighting on June 24, 2012.
"I need nine more tough guys. The reality series for Machinima is being taped next month and the fighters we train will fight on June 24, 2012 at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California."
"The 24 fighters are going to be put through an intense “boot camp” for three days in May. The boot camp and the event will be filmed and shown on Machinima, which has become the hottest entertainment network on the Internet. Fighters who want to go to the boot camp and become a star, should call booker/matchmaker Tedd Williams today. We’re looking for guys from 145lbs. to 265lbs. And we want girls too. Williams can be reached at 760-403-6529 or teddewilliams@aol.com"
Don't think that just because you spend countless hours a day working out your forearms fapping to every half naked picture of a girl (or guy?) posted on the UG that you might have what it takes to make it in the sport of XARM. It is definitely going to require a bit more athleticism and explosiveness than that. If you have no idea what it might be like, check out this intro video created last last year for a great inside look at this sports awesome brutality.


04-21-2012, 10:40 PM
OK, now this pisses me off: You wanna make up a bull$h!t sport? Fine. You wanna try & legitimize yourself because you helped produce Rorion's GJJ infomercial back in the day? Fine. You wanna make a lame @$$ reality show about it? Fine. But Art Davie, you the minute you start trying to lay a guilt trip on a legend of the sport with documented head trauma (http://www.mmafighting.com/2012/3/27/2905888/for-retired-fighters-health-care-can-be-a-tricky-costly-issue) & you're lacky who "understands fighters, fighting, sports promotion & the heart of athletes" has the balls to say "I can see it in his eyes, he doesn't wanna fight...I'm a little frustrated with him,", that's when I get mad. How dare you further jeopardize Gary Goodridge's health & then allow ANYONE to imply that he is in any way less than exemplary for even considering trying to cast some credibility on your joke of a franchise? This is absolutely appalling.