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03-01-2012, 04:04 PM
Did anyone even watch it? It was released about 3 weeks ago.

I haven't seen it yet and I probably won't. Supposedly they are remaking all 6 films in 3D, so I'm just going to wait until they get to the original films.

Anyways, for anyone who has seen Episode 1 before and just felt that there was something wrong with the movie, but you couldn't put your finger on it, then here is a 2-part review that carefully outlines all of this film's shortcomings:

Lots of vulgarity and dark humor throughout the review, but that just adds to the charm. :)

There are reviews for the other two Prequels that similar rip the movies to shreds, so I recommend watching those too.

03-01-2012, 07:18 PM
I can't wait to get home & watch those, NateR, I'm sure I'll love them! :laugh:

In the mean time, here's a more positive version of the same kinda idea:

http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4phc78alo&reload=3#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DVgICnbC2-_Y%26feature%3Dg-u-u%26context%3DG2e07b37FUAAAAAAAAAA&feature=g-u-u&context=G2e07b37FUAAAAAAAAAA&v=VgICnbC2-_Y&gl=US (http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4phc78alo&reload=3#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DVgICnbC2-_Y%26feature%3Dg-u-u%26context%3DG2e07b37FUAAAAAAAAAA&feature=g-u-u&context=G2e07b37FUAAAAAAAAAA&v=VgICnbC2-_Y&gl=US)

03-02-2012, 03:32 AM
I'm waiting for 4,5,6 as well. The thought of Jar Jar in 3-D makes me a bit squeemish! LOL

03-02-2012, 03:47 AM
I saw it and it was ok....I love the Star Wars series. I think I had higher expectations for it. Maybe I have the wrong idea of 3D....to me this movie just showed depth of objects and people.

This movie and the whole series would be awesome if they played it in a theater that had a horseshoe like screen....and it needs lasers :laugh:

03-03-2012, 03:16 AM
I wish they'd make an Episode 3.5. So we can see how Vader ruled the galaxy, learn about how Han Solo got his reputation.....stuff like that.


03-03-2012, 04:59 AM
Nate, we need some pics. :)

(of mark:ashamed:)


03-05-2012, 02:39 PM
my neighbor said he walked out cuz he didn't think it was that good ... don't know ... was never a big star wars fan anyway ..