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I bolded the ones I thought would be most interesting to y'all.
I've traveled across the world twice in about a week, so technically in some long-forgotten timezone I crossed over in the Pacific -- it's still Sunday morning. The truth is I always intended to bring you guys an official MiddleEasy Rumor Mill last Sunday, but I was literally time traveling throughout the day, thousands of feet in the air. A few days have gone by and there's far too many rumors to wait until next Sunday. Therefore, it's time for a Thursday morning edition of the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, since time means absolutely nothing here at MiddleEasy. Enjoy.

Bobby Lashley was offered $50,000 (with no win bonus) to fight Alistair Overeem at Dynamite!! 2010. Bobby turned the fight down with the belief that a Lashley vs. Overeem bout could net him a $1,000,000 pay day. Todd Duffee stepped in for roughly the same amount.
Chandella Powell was released from the UFC yesterday due to not disclosing her former alias, 'Mariah Ashton,' a softcore internet porn star. No pictures will be provided here on MiddleEasy, but I'm sure all of you know the inner-science of Google.
Just before One FC 2 last weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia, Bob Sapp refused to get on the bus with the roster of fighters participating in the event due to a few demands he had for One FC. It seems that Bob Sapp had a exhibition wrestling match in Japan a couple days after the One FC event. Sapp insisted that One FC should pay for a ticket or he wouldn't show for his fight with Rolles Gracie. After much deliberation, One FC accepted to pay for the plane ticket if he agreed to come out of his hotel room and participate in the One FC 2 event. Bob Sapp then insisted that One FC upgrade the fight to first class in order for him to agree to fight Rolles Gracie. After a couple hours, the issue was sorted out and Bob Sapp showed for the event.
A prominent MMA camp based in California was threatened with a lawsuit by ZUFFA for broadcasting PPVs in their gym in 2011.
Remember Razul Mirzaev? He was that Russian lightweight prospect that signed to Bellator and within the same week was charged with one-punching a nineteen-year-old to death at some club in Russia. It appears he was released from jail on a $3,000 USD bail and the charges were significantly reduced. Apparently he went from 'intentional grievous harm' to 'causing death by negligence' which only holds a maximum sentence of two years in prison. Apparently Mirzaev will receive time he's served in prison (since August 2011) and he will most likely be released in less than six months. It appears that some Sambo friends in high places pulled some legal strings for him. Looks like Bellator will finally upgrade their lightweight division after all.
I've been told that the entire Ultimate Chaos event in Biloxi, Mississippi from the summer of 2009 was rigged. Din Thomas not fighting Javier Vasquez was apparently intentional and the promoter stacked the odds in favor of Bobby Lashley to win. I've also been told that Lashley is still owed $175,000 from the promotion.
At Immortal Kombat II in Houston, Texas last month, Cyborg Santos was cornering his little brother, Agrimar "Cyborguinho" dos Santos. It appears that in an attempt to get his sibling hyped for his upcoming fight, he unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally) injured his little brother in the process. The fight was called off and his opponent, Andres 'The Creep' Quintana, got on the microphone and said 'sometimes these things happen in MMA.'
Hector Lombard vs. Mamed Khalidov is still heavily rumored to go down at KSW 19 or 20.
It's rumored that Authentic Sports Management (the company behind the Blackzillians) is paying Alistair Overeem to 'sign' with the camp to increase the quality of their fighter portfolio. Overeem's camp has denied these claims.
Apparently Eddie Alvarez has been trying to turn down his Bellator fight with Shinya Aoki for nearly a month now. Eddie's argument is that he wants a 'come back' fight before taking on top-tier competition. However, before his loss against Michael Chandler, Alvarez agreed to fight Shinya Aoki at some point in 2012. It appears Bjorn Rebney is just holding Eddie Alvarez to his previous agreement.
Wolfslair is slowly disbanding as an MMA camp.

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Ben, you thought wrong. Some of that other stuff in therewas better gossip. :laugh:

02-16-2012, 05:37 PM
Ben, you thought wrong. Some of that other stuff in therewas better gossip. :laugh:
O, I know, but this is supposed to be a family forum. :ninja:

Don't worry, I already PMed Mike with the juicy stuff! :laugh:

County Mike
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*googles Mariah Ashton*

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*googles Mariah Ashton*

I Did...

Can someone tell me why she should get fired for this???? :huh:

02-16-2012, 06:25 PM
I Did...

Can someone tell me why she should get fired for this???? :huh:

because she didn't inform them .. the same reason edith got canned .. she probably wouldn't have got the job if she told them, so she got a few months of work out of it ... she'll probably be the new ring card gurl over at bellator .. or at least had some modelling gigs lined up .. or be a dimepiece girl over at king magazine

02-16-2012, 06:51 PM
because she didn't inform them .. the same reason edith got canned .. she probably wouldn't have got the job if she told them, so she got a few months of work out of it ... she'll probably be the new ring card gurl over at bellator .. or at least had some modelling gigs lined up .. or be a dimepiece girl over at king magazine
Agreed. The UFC wants "professional hot chicks", not "professionals". :laugh:

02-19-2012, 04:08 AM
Agreed. The UFC wants "professional hot chicks", not "professionals". :laugh:

So its Okay For Arianny, Brittney and Rachel to pose completely nude in Playboy but it's not okay for Chandella to be an ex pornstar? :unsure-1:

Just cause shes Black... ?

I didnt really like her anyway but I just thought it was pretty F' up.

They Should Bring Logan Back :w00t:

02-19-2012, 04:34 AM
So its Okay For Arianny, Brittney and Rachel to pose completely nude in Playboy but it's not okay for Chandella to be an ex pornstar? :unsure-1:

Just cause shes Black... ?

I didnt really like her anyway but I just thought it was pretty F' up.

They Should Bring Logan Back :w00t:

I read that she didn't end up getting fired, she still has her job.

And I totally agree with you about Logan!

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What's this? A Sunday Morning Rumor Mill on Sunday evening? Egh, with a strong enough flux capacitor, it's still Sunday morning in some time zone. The first SMRM of 2013. We wish we can say that these things will be a weekly feature from this moment on, but it really depends on the response we get from this feature. If you want us to continue to deliver the SMRM every week in 2013, just let us know in the comment section. Once again, these are all rumors that have been disclosed by reliable sources within the MMA industry. Nothing is being reported. Enjoy.

Fallon Fox showed up to the last Invicta FC event and managed to get inside the area designated for fighters. She acted aggressive towards some of the fighters, so an Invicta FC exec asked her to leave but she refused.
Allegedly Fox claimed she had an AXS TV crew with her (which was false) and from what I've been told she wanted to get a confrontation with a fighter on camera to set up a future fight in Invicta.
Apparently Bec Hyatt had a run-in with Fallon Fox at Invicta FC 5
Shannon Knapp, the CEO of Invicta FC, wasn't told about this incident during the event for fear that she may 'flip.'
Someone involved with the UFC plans to 'come out' at some point this year. Pretty vague, I know, but we have some strong sources indicating this.
Ricardo Arona plans to make his MMA return in an upcoming Road FC card.
Something big is coming out of Japan once again. I'm not really clear on the details, but it appears that it will mix the sport of UFC with the sensation of 'drama.' That's literally all I have on this.
It's not really a rumor at this point, but the judge that scored the fight for Gilbert Melendez owns an affiliate Cesar Gracie gym.
It appears John 'Doomsday' Howard will rejoin the UFC to take part in the upcoming card held in Boston.
Bobby Lashley and Josh Barnett may be close to signing with Bellator. Don't be surprised if the contract is combined in someway with Impact Wrestling.

04-29-2013, 03:20 PM

There's nothing I want to do more than to crawl back in my bed and hibernate from the rest of the world for the remainder of the day. I have tons of emails to answer, articles to write, but if it were up to me, the light switch on the universe would be turned off for the next few hours. As always, I feel obligated to deliver the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill on an actual Sunday. It's rare when it happens, but when it does, it's like the multi-colored sprinkles on top of your MMA doughnut. Enjoy.

The next international season of TUF will take place between Canada vs. Australia.
Vinny Magalhaes went into his UFC 159 fight against Phil Davis with a pretty bad injury that he didn't want to disclose before the bout, or even after.
Bob Sapp has three fights lined up this year and apparently he really want to win one of them.
We've all heard this before over the years, but it appears that Dana White is making one last attempt to get Fedor in the ranks of the UFC.
Unfortunately another MMA clothing company will be going out of business pretty soon. Sad to see this one go. Bummer.
A grudge match between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen is slated for later in the year, but it appears that Chael Sonnen has no interest in that fight.
Reebok and the UFC are about to announce a pretty big deal in the next few days.
Expect a really advanced mobile game to launch with the release of EA UFC, which the world will be able to view at this year's E3 expo.

05-06-2013, 05:36 PM
Whenever you're waiting for the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, just keep in mind that I live in Hollywood, California -- which is so obviously located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone. So what may be afternoon for you is still morning for us west coasters. Also, picture me passed out on my sofa, slightly hung over, fully clothed from last night with a frozen vegan pizza unwrapped and sitting on my kitchen counter. Sure I had every intention to put it in the oven and have a tasty snack while I watched this weekend's episode of Project Runway, but the allure of horizontally positioning myself on my sofa was just too strong. I couldn't fight it, nor should you. Enjoy the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

UFC has signed a deal to do a show in Singapore and another one in Macau, which will probably be labeled something geographically incorrect like 'UFC China 2.'
The two locations for UFC's shows in Asia will be Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and the Venetian in Macau.
UFC also plans to open an office in Singapore and they're actively recruiting in the area. Look for the official announcement a little bit later.
It appears that Bjorn Rebney may be on his way out of Bellator. Randy Couture will be the new 'face' of Bellator, but Viacom/Spike TV will continue to call the shots.
Bruce Buffer was paid a lot of cash for his 'It's Time' book.
It's not like Ariel Helwani needs anymore promotion to listen to his hit Monday morning podcast, but be sure to tune in tomorrow. Eddie Alvarez will drop the equivilant of a verbal nuke regarding Bellator.
UFC plans to do something special for the victims of the Boston Bomber in their upcoming Boston card on August 17th.
Google offered a pair of the new Google Glasses to Dana White, but he declined.
Bob Sapp has a part in a new Bethesda game that will be announced in this year's E3 expo.
It appears Brett Rogers is no longer signed with Bellator. Bummer.
Apparently Chael Sonnen wants to purchase the WWE after he's finished with MMA. Interesting.

07-22-2013, 01:36 AM

From MiddleEasy.com:
Congratulations, you've lived to see another Sunday on this planet. Our reward to you at MiddleEasy is yet another Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. We're the only site that rewards you just for living. Consider yourself privileged to read these words because let's face it, the dead doesn't have the best reading comprehension.

Aside from Invicta FC, it was a pretty laid back weekend in the MMA world. Dana White announced Weidman vs. Silva II (something we already knew) and Cris Cyborg mauled another unfortunate victim in the form of Marloes Coenen (something we already knew, we love you Marloes). In this Sunday Morning Rumor Mill we can guarantee to shed some light on stuff you didn't already know, or at least we like to believe so. Check it out.

Randy Couture wants to get back into acting so it appears Spike TV will make a scripted show based around a character Randy Couture plays. I can 100% assure you it will be a combat sports themed show drama/action series.
Bellator appears to be expanding their operation. I'm not quite sure what that means, but that's what I was told.
There's a rumor going around that at some point in 2014, Invicta FC will pull a reversal from what the UFC did and start including men in their promotion starting at bantamweight and featherweight.
We've heard this throughout the years, but once again I was told some incredible stories in regards to how difficult it is to be employed under Bellator's Bjorn Rebney.
This year we've heard a flurry of apologies from UFC fighters in regards to comments they've made about the organization. It probably goes without saying, but almost all of those apologies originate from PR people within FOX and the UFC dictating exactly what each fighter should say, word for word. In some cases, actually writing the apology for them.
Announcer Jimmy Smith may be on his way out of Bellator. Forced out, actually.
Sad news, but a major MMA outlet appears to be scaling back its coverage of the sport per a request from their parent company over the weekend.
Michael Bisping visited the Wild Card's gym in Hollywood, CA to touch up on his stand-up for this upcoming fight against Mark Munoz. Apparently Bisping was going really hard in the ring and disrespecting his sparring partner, so a coach sent in a professional boxer to 'spar' with Bisping. Within minutes, this professional boxer knocked out Bisping as payback for disrespecting the Wild Card gym.

07-22-2013, 01:37 AM

Calling today a lazy Sunday is an understatement. In fact this entire weekend has been pretty lackluster when it comes to MMA. Fortunately UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie (that's the actual title of the card, Chan Sung Jung doesn't even exist anymore) will be launching on our TVs in two weeks, so at least we have that to look towards. There's also this week's Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

Once again, the SMRM is a collection of rumors that we've heard from within the industry that we can't publish as fact, since they're rumors -- hence the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

For some bizarre reason, people can't understand that the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill is filled with rumors. Nothing is being reported. Reporting is for MMA journalists -- and don't you guys insult us by calling us one of those. Now, on to the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

Despite being the Bellator champion, Ben Askren only has one fight left on his contract and as of Friday there has been no attempt to renegotiate his deal. The rumor is Bellator wants to let him go so he can get an offer from UFC. Bellator believes due to the generally held notion that Askren is a 'boring' fighter, the UFC will 'low ball' him which will enable Bellator to match the UFC's offer and resign him to Bellator at a drastically reduced price.
Bjorn Rebney ordered a promo to be created in his honor last year. The promo was completed, slated to air, and then Viacom turned down the video, which will probably never see the light of day.
It's rumored that Bam Bam Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov will be going down at UFC 165.
In regards Jimmy Smith being pushed out of Bellator, it appears someone from within Bellator wanted to fire Jimmy Smith and Viacom basically vetoed that person's idea.
Not really a rumor, but people believe that MiddleEasy has some agenda against Spike TV because we created a show for them and it was later killed in the post-development process. This is entirely not the case. We have no problem with Viacom/Spike TV and we would love to continue to create shows for them, however we just have incredible sources from within Bellator that's giving us inside info and we simply can't ignore it.

County Mike
07-22-2013, 02:53 PM
Michael Bisping visited the Wild Card's gym in Hollywood, CA to touch up on his stand-up for this upcoming fight against Mark Munoz. Apparently Bisping was going really hard in the ring and disrespecting his sparring partner, so a coach sent in a professional boxer to 'spar' with Bisping. Within minutes, this professional boxer knocked out Bisping as payback for disrespecting the Wild Card gym.

Best rumor of the bunch. Wish I was there to see it.

07-22-2013, 03:31 PM
Best rumor of the bunch. Wish I was there to see it.
Mike's pretty adamant that never happened. Maybe he just doesn't remember...:Whistle:


08-19-2013, 05:44 PM

This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill was written while on top of a mountain in California using the wonders of 4G technology and solar power.

Last night WSOF 4 wrapped up which featured a potpourri of strange occurrences that will undoubtedly be MMA memes for years to come. From Tyrone Spong 'happily' accepting his Boost mobile phone that he got for not knocking out a dude that people thought would be KOd in 12 seconds to Todd Harris and his interesting commentating, it was a night that's impossible to forget.

It's Sunday, which means another SMRM delivered to you. Enjoy.

Despite the general public's belief that Bob Sapp has been throwing his most recent fights (which led him to his 12th consecutive loss last week), Bob Sapp has been trying to end his MMA career with just one win in the ring. He's not intentionally throwing these fights, however it's clear that he faces a psychological hurdle when he gets hit, which forces him to 'turtle up' and eventually tap to strikes. Bob Sapp has been seeking a sports' psychologist to get over this career rut and actually get a win before he retires. Sapp also hasn't enrolled in a training camp for nearly three years, which also could be a culprit to his losing streak.
The UFC has been going after MMA websites that use ZUFFA-owned photos of Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson to promote or discuss the upcoming Bellator PPV bout between the two fighters.
When it comes to MMA contracts, World Series of Fighting has one of the trickiest. Essentially, whatever contract that is signed is automatically renewed to a length of three years, regardless of the duration of the initial fight contract.
FOX Sports 1 may be debuting in the next few days, but the channel has been downplaying some serious carriage problems that will prevent many cable/satellite subscribers from even having FOX Sports 1 in their channel lineup.
November 30th is the date of the Rousey/Tate TUF finale. It will also air on FOX Sports 1.
This past week, Bellator had a significant and very sudden downsizing when they closed an entire division of the company. Now a lot of ex-Bellator employees are frantically looking for work after essentially being fired, without any warning, from the promotion.

09-11-2013, 04:52 PM

From MiddleEasy.com:
This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill was written at a time that was not Sunday morning. Of course that brings up the question: if a Sunday Morning Rumor Mill isn't written on a Sunday morning, then is it really a Sunday Morning Rumor Mill?

Of course it is, now stop asking me silly questions that are psychically transported into my head. The SMRM had a couple weeks layoff, which can solely be attributed to a lack of sustainable content. However we're back with a new edition, so enjoy and remember the SMRM reflects rumors that are heard within the MMA industry and they do not necessarily reflect fact.

Bellator has been/will be grooming Joe Warren as a real star in the promotion, so it was a massive setback when he couldn't compete at Bellator 98.
Apparently Bellator was offering lucrative contracts to guys they knew Joe Warren could beat in order for him to be the Bellator champion yet again. The matchmaking was designed for Warren to win the tournament as well.
I've been told by someone working within ZUFFA that UFC's decision to expand into Asia and put an office directly in Singapore was in part attributed to ONE FC claiming they and UFC have a 'duopoly' in MMA, with UFC controlling the Western market and ONE FC controlling the East. The UFC believes they control all markets, and they want to illustrate that point going into 2014.
The UFC has been discussing moving into Russia, via a headquarter in Poland. Yeah, I thought that didn't make sense either.
Spike TV has a desire to get into the boxing industry through a reality show not unlike Mark Burnett's 2005 'The Contender.'
Mirko Cro Cop has been pitching Joe Silva a return to the UFC with his first fight being against Mark Hunt that is dependent on if he can get five consecutive wins in MMA.

09-20-2013, 05:27 PM
http://middleeasy.com/images/2013/zeus/09/smrm.jpg (http://middleeasy.com/images/2013/zeus/09/smrm.jpg)
The first day of the MiddlEasy Boards striking the same night that Grand Theft Auto V officially comes out. I think there's some loose correlation there, or it could just be my inability to let two things be mutually independent.

Since we're a day late with the MiddleEasy Sunday Morning Rumor Mill and you guys have been pretty exceptional at helping us beta test the new MiddleEasy Boards (MEBs!), I thought I would forgo publishing it on MiddleEasy and instead place it directly here.

This is the equivalent of a band playing an intimate performance on MTV's Unplugged. This is the acoustic version of the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Enjoy.

Bellator's 'Fight Master' show was renewed for a second season despite reports that it was effectively canned by Spike TV.
In the second season of Fight Master, expect to see an even greater partnership with ESPN that will somehow translate onto the show.
UFC accidentally uploaded the 'UFC 165: It's So Big' promo on UFC's official YouTube page instead of their 'FreeFights4You' account.
Josh Thomson was told to be prepared to step in for TJ Grant as early as Friday night (September 13th).
Bellator was told to accept former UFC fighters per the instructions of Viacom, no Bjorn Rebney. Viacom believes that bringing more recognizable athletes into the Bellator cage will increase ratings -- which seems to be pretty logical.
Now this rumor may be tough to believe, but it's rooted from a pretty reliable source. M-1 Global has been trying entice Fedor to return to MMA inside the Bellator cage. Spike TV/Viacom is down for the idea, but Fedor literally wants nothing to do with fighting anymore.
M-1 Global also wants to include some up-and-coming Russian heavyweight and light heavyweights in the Bellator cage, in an attempt to 'fill' those divisions.
I've been told that KSW and ONE FC will strike a fighter exchange partnership in late 2013, but most likely at the beginning of 2014.

10-14-2013, 08:58 PM

This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, coming at a time that's so off from Sunday morning that it's borderline hilarious. Ah well, at least it arrived this week, instead of just another mish-mosh of empty promises. Once again the SMRM is a collection of rumors heard around the MMA industry -- this feature isn't designed to verify anything, only to share what's being rumored. Nothing is being reported here. Enjoy.

For the past two weeks I've heard a lot of chatter regarding ONE FC being purchased by ZUFFA. Earlier last week I thought there was an imminent deal, however something must have held it up -- if UFC was indeed going to purchase ONE FC, of course. The UFC has always had a tough time breaking into the Asian MMA market and they want to acquire ONE FC in order to slip UFC into Asia. I've heard the UFC wants to do ONE FC what they did to Pride FC, essentially pick apart the organization, grabbing Asian stars and prospects, and eventually replace ONE FC with the UFC brand.
Glory Kickboxing also had an opportunity to purchase ONE FC in the Winter of 2012, however they elected not to acquire the promotion and focus their efforts/finance on Glory.
Anthony Johnson was nearly released from World Series of Fighting last week after NBC execs discovered his 2009 domestic abuse charge (http://www.mmafighting.com/2009/07/10/ufcs-anthony-johnson-arrested-for-domestic-violence).
A matchmaker for a large MMA promotion is being investigated for potential terrorist ties. Yeah, it sounds pretty wild, however this has been an on-going investigation for years. The info only leaked out recently.
It was rumored that while Alistair Overeem trained for Bigfoot Silva, he installed a large black curtain in the Blackzilian camp and only trained with hand-selected training partners within the confine of this curtain.
I've heard from multiple sources that Bjorn Rebney tried to prevent Glory Kickboxing from having a television deal with Spike TV in order to corner the market on combat sports on the network.
After the Frank Shamrock special aired on Spike TV, many people were clamoring for a Ken vs. Frank Shamrock fight. Apparently this bout has been discussed by network execs and they're 100% up for the idea.
I've also been told by a current UFC fighter that other UFC fighters are being instructed not to discuss in detail the topic of TRT when asked in interviews.
DirecTV has recently been creating original programming for DirecTV subscribers and it's rumored they want to get into live sporting events, starting with MMA.

03-04-2014, 08:36 PM
The second Sunday Morning Rumor Mill of 2014 -- and it doesn't even fall on a Sunday, again. Perhaps this is the new trend going into 2014, Sunday Morning Rumor Mills published on dates that are so obviously not Sunday mornings. Hey, it keeps you on your toes, and that's good because you sit down entirely too much in your life.

However this Monday morning the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill has arrived, and it's available for your orbital sockets free of charge.

Gina Carano vs. Ronda Rousey on the July 4th UFC card. Yes, you read that right -- at least that's what is being rumored as of late last night. Apparently the UFC is still having trouble securing Cris Cyborg, so they're going with a fight that will make an enormous amount of PPV dollars, smart move. Joe Rogan also mentioned the UFC is going to 'announce something big' this week.
Bob Sapp has officially retired from MMA.
Apparently at UFC 170, Phil Baroni and Bobby Green got into a physical altercation during the card.
Bob Sapp takes full credit for getting Ariel Helwani 'fired.'
It's rumored that the UFC botched a gargantuan Nike deal last week which would have given Nike full reign to produce the upcoming UFC uniforms.

03-04-2014, 10:28 PM
I would love to see Gina v Ronda!!!! A ring full of Jello would be a huge bonus! /snicker