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02-15-2012, 02:46 PM

Marcus Aurelio is a hell of a dancer. This gif of his celebration after a twenty five second knockout at BFL 13 (http://www.mmamadhouse.com/results-for-bfl-13-battlefield-fight-league/) proves that. However it makes me wish this whole situation could've gone a few steps further:

Marcus, you're clearly talented. Get your cornermen in on this, get some choreography together for your next win.
Furthermore, you should purchase some seats in the audience for professional dancers as plants. When you win they can rush the cage and everyone will freak out wondering what's going on. Then you and the audience dancers can stare at each other wildly in the cage for a beat then break out into a highly choreographed and crowd pleasing dance.
Hire Genki Sudo for whatever.
Cornerman 1 should have a boombox. Cornerman 2 should lay down a piece of cardboard.
Walkout gear should be nylon and feature neon blue, green and pink.
The ref needs to be involved, maybe even the Athletic Commission. The Commission guy could look angry about the dance first, then he slings his glasses off his face, into the crowd and joins in on the dancing with great agility.

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That is AWESOME!!! I never saw those fights so it's great seeing the animated gif. Not only does the guy have a cool name but he can really dance.

I'm definitely on board with the last bullet point, I'm thinking Cecil Peeps...


Nice find, Ben. :laugh: