View Full Version : US passes Internet Censorship bill

01-15-2012, 07:28 PM
:blink: I am truely shocked :blink:

The Federal Republic has moved to spend 47M USD, (transfered to its citizens via tax obviously) over the next half decade, in order to censor parts of the internet that the Federal Union does not feel suitable for its Citizanry!

Its called The Protect IP Act of 2011. It has a duel function also in applying laws of copyright directly to its citizens in terms of what they wish to host online. In other words, the Federal Government is using Copyright as an excuse to Censor the web for Americans to its own criteria

It may be used to restrict Americans to content only on American Computer Servers.

The kinds of Countries which indulge in this type of practise include The Peoples Republic of China, who has tried to supress its population ever since the internet was born, and Egypt (along with other Arab dictatorships) who tried to outlaw Internet useage during the recent Arab Spring, in an attempt to stop those who would protest against their tyrany from being able to easily coordinate their affaires.

Both of which drew condemnation from the United States at the time.

It is vastly to late for any American Administration to try and push the super-power back into a state of unconscious issolation. Americans have been shown that there is far more freedom to be had then that which is defined by the Soverignties landmass boarders.