View Full Version : The Battle For Scotland

01-11-2012, 12:04 AM

in 1997 the Scots decided to hold a Referendum on whether they wanted a provincial Government. This was not the first referendum to have taken place on Scotlands desire to return to a Pre 1700s standing in relation to England. To make things more Challenging, England has demanded not only that a majority be Yes, but that a minimum cap of the total number of people in the entire country be part of the vote in order for it to be passed. This failed by less then 10percent.

Almost twenty years later the desire for independance was five percent above the minimum, a rise of around 15 percent, and so the Scottish Parliament was restored to Holyrood.

But the Scots have moved ever more Nationalistic, and now want to take the final step. From a provincial Government, to a Full Independance. We see today how England is desperate to keep the Union by trying to force the Scottish Provincial Government to do the Referendum THIS YEAR...fearing the longer it is left the more Scots will wish to leave.

The Nationals however wish to conduct the Referendum on their own timetable, and are not in such a hurry for they wish to take the vote which will break the British Union after three hundred years, on the seven hundreth occasion of the biggest British Defeat at the hands of Scotland, which occures in 2014

The Scottish Parliament claims that it must make its own mind up on when to hold a Referendum, the United Kingdom claims that the Provincial Government does not have the legal power to do any referendum without English Approval because Westminster trumps Holyrood :laugh:

So...who will win...and will it matter...my personal opinion is its already too late to save the Union. Even if Westminster gets its way and forces the scottish parliament to hold the referendum this year, I fear too many Scotts will vote against English dominance....IMHO it doesnt matter when they hold the referendum. by 2015 I expect the British Union to have collapsed.