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03-18-2009, 03:48 AM
OK... I am fighting in the USANKF South Carolina State Championship on 3/28.

It will be at the Tri-City Leisure Center in Columbia SC.

I will be competing in Kata and Kumite.

If I pass my exam the night before (and I should) I will also be an offical. Meaning I will be judging other competitors.

You can get directions here


If anyone wants to attend please let me know...

I have won this one 2 years in a row. Looking forward to getting a third. My sensei will also be competing.. in the last tourney he did 3 gold..

We rocked!!

03-18-2009, 06:06 AM
I wish I could come cheer you in person, Dave, but know that I hope you 3-peat. Hope you get to show us some pics from the event.

Good Luck! :ninja:

03-18-2009, 01:12 PM
Can't make it that weekend, brother, but I'll be sending you success vibes.

03-30-2009, 01:28 AM
SC State Championships have come and gone..

I took my Officiating Test on Friday night. Passed!!!...

Came back and judged for about 3 hours.. was real fun.. and hard work.

Took my lucnh then started getting warmed up for my events..

The competition there was top level.. I ended up with 4th in Kata (my lowest ever past two years.. I was gold) out of about 19.... I won this one two years in a row...(in the battle for 3rd, after 3 performances.. my left knee shook just a bit.. that's what cost me).The level of talent there was defiantly of Nationals Tourney caliber.

In my division for Kumite it came down to the me and the guy that beat me last year...

He got an early start.. (part of me was still down for not earning a medal for Kata - no zanshin)

Quick jab to the face.. (ok.. fair enough)
2nd time out... round house to the body (damn)

He has me 3 nothing now...

I get a little angry... get sloppy.. he sweeps me.. knocks me down.. punch to the face.. Sanbon - 3 points... Ohhh crap.. he has me 6-0. 45 seconds to go in a 3 minute match.. 8 points wins...

I take a breath.. I retie my obe (belt)

I step up...

I left kick to the head.. he blocks... I do the same kick again.. he blocks (as I expected... I fake for the same kick... and right round house.. to the body.. 2 points.. 38 seconds left...

We step to the lines again..

I almost run at him.. punches to the face (blitz).. he backs straight up.. side kick to the belly - two points... score is 6-4.. 36 seconds left.

people are screaming..

We step to the lines again..

I run up again.. stop short and left parry a front kick and punch to the face..

6-5.. 32 seconds left.....

We step to the lines again..

He backs off.. trying to burn time.. I cut off the ring and throw a "high/low" (Long Jab.. at the same time bringing my rear foot up to my lead.. as soon as the Jab completes.. I step forward and throw a reverse punch..) and I feel his spine on my fist..

6-6 ... 20 secs left.. His coach is turning red in the face.. My coach is the center judge and can't help.. the rest of my team is going crazy...

We step to the lines again..

we dance around... and I see the opening that I am wanting.. I do a step up round house.. he is expecting it.. he steps to my right.. I block his round house with my arm.. and fire my own.. and connect.

17 seconds left.. score is 6-8 and you would have thought I just won a lottery.. the way my team went crazy...

THAT was a fun fight... I scored all my points in less than half the time it took him to score his.

County Mike
03-30-2009, 01:36 AM
Your coach was one of the judges? Is that normal?

Congrats on the comeback win.

03-30-2009, 03:03 AM

It's common for dojo heads to also be officials.

Several times I was judging members of our dojo..

The very fact that a judge is at least a senior student (black belt candidate as I am) should allow you to judge without playing favorites.

If you are not familiar with the other judges, and a competitor from your school is in your ring.. it is common to let other judges know and offer to step out if they agree. But RARELY is a judge asked to step out. Should a judge be seen showing favoritism, that would be very bad and go against some of the basic principles behind karate and all martial arts.

Our dojo kun is:

Jin kaku kansei ni tsutomeru koto Seek perfection of character.

Makoto no michi o mamaru koto Keep an honest and sincere way.

Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto Cultivate perseverance.

Reigi wo omonzuru koto Develop a respectful attitude.

Keki no yu wo imashimeru koto Refrain from violent behavior.

But granted... some schools do not use anything close...

03-30-2009, 07:56 AM

Congratulations, Dave!

Were your kids there to see you? I hope they were. Good lesson in heart and determination! :ninja:

03-30-2009, 01:03 PM
Awesoem Dave! Way to refocus and take the victory. Sorry to here about Kata. That is typically one of your best areas,right? What is your assessment of what happened?

03-30-2009, 03:26 PM
Awesoem Dave! Way to refocus and take the victory. Sorry to here about Kata. That is typically one of your best areas,right? What is your assessment of what happened?


It was a long day on Friday....

Got to work at 6.. worked til 3, then drove 2 hours to Columbia for the judging clinic at 6, that finished at 9, testing was done by 10. Got a bite to eat on the way home and ended up in bed at 2am. Up at 530, to go back down to Columbia to be at the tourney site by 9:30. Spent the entire day judging and coaching my team.. and I finally was able to complete at 8:30pm.

I was a bit beat, but that's hardly an excuse.. I had been working that kata for 4 months.

What happened was that when I went up for the 4th round of Kata (winning the first 3), I miss stepped. And that happens all the time to people.. but when I did it in front of my sensei, my brain kinda vapor locked.. I contiuned, but my head was still at the error. Not a HUGE error.. but still an error.

I have seen the tape and you can see it in my face, I really lose my focus. kinda blew.. but my fights were all great.. and having it come down to 1st and 2nd again with the guy I lost to last year.. was great. He only beat me by a 1/2 second last year.. and it was killing me that he was SMOKING on Sat night.. but I just said "f it".. and let go... and I was able to make a HUGE come back.. It really was like the last two minutes of Karate Kid.. no lie.. my sensei even said that was a great win..

My son isn't competing this year.. (I wanted him to.. but he didn't ( I will twist his arm a little to ensure that he stays with his training, but I wo'nt push medal competition).

Taylor wanted to compete this year, but our training class runs til 9 pm, and that's too late for her, so we are thinking next year.

Can't wait.. hopefully it will be all of us next year.

03-30-2009, 05:36 PM
let us know if you get the kumite video I'd love to see it.
Nice work Dave. "You're the best..around!!"

03-31-2009, 02:33 AM
let us know if you get the kumite video I'd love to see it.
Nice work Dave. "You're the best..around!!"

lol... thank you VERY much.. hardly the best.. but good..

Thanks for the quote..!!! You rock sir!