View Full Version : Pakistan considers shutting airspace for United States

12-11-2011, 10:21 PM
The Pakistani Government has had enough of the United States running roughshod over their land.

They were incensed when The United States decided to go and kill Osama Bin Laden who was resident on their home soil without getting permission first. The United States accused the Pakistani Government of having pre-knowledge that Osama Bin Laden was in their Soveringty and therefore were knowledgable harbouring terrorists.

But last week Nato forces (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) accidently had a friendly fire incident killing a lot of Pakistani troups. On the basis of this (America has a hourendous Friendly Fire track record, and an horendous record in following up such happenenings) The Pakistani Government believe it was a deliberate attack, and are blaming the United States (even though NATO is a joint effort of many Soverignties on a Military level)

They are considering closing the air space and treating any incursion of their soil by the United States as an act of war. They have also stopped all the NATO convoys from crossing the boarder into Afghanistan to deliver aid.

But panic not!

If the United States keeps calm and ignore Pakistan, you may find them changing their minds very quickly. There is a rumour that Pakistans Generals are preparing a Military Coup against the President and Prime Minister of the current Regieme...Perhaps the United States might hear these rumours, and accidently provide aid and arms to the Pakistani Military :wink: