View Full Version : The Unbelievable call for a Greek Referendum

11-02-2011, 10:54 PM
:laugh: Greece is still not pulling its weight in the Eurozone and to avoid complete bancrupcy on a national level must get another bail out...which the Europeans have sorted out...but it comes with a price tag...and that is that Greece adopts a session of austerity measures...

Well...the Greek Premier says to hell with that :laugh:

He has decided that now the Government have said yes to the austerity measures in order to receive the bail out...its time to let the Nation speak...the Nation which has done nothing but deliver violent protests...His Government are horrified...so horrified that there is rumours if he doesnt change his mind you might see a Military Coup!!!

...oh...and incase you didnt know...it takes a month at the VERY LEAST to organize and do this referendum...and the vote is so obviously going to be no.

The German Chancellor is having Kittens...and Italy looks like if Greece doesnt accept the measures and the bail out...they will be next to go Piza.

Its all falling apart.