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11-01-2011, 06:57 PM
Only Once in the Entire Two Thousand odd Years of The English Throne, has a Monarch reigned for long enough to Celebrate the culmination of Sixty Years. So Far only Queen Victoria Hanover had that pleasure.

But next summer Her Brittanic Majesty will Celebrate the Culmination of Sixty Years upon the Throne, and we are begining to hear of plans for its celebration.

It began with the announcement of the Emblem which was designed by a pre school tot :laugh: in February, and then in the Summer it was announced that there would be a weekend of Celebrations and all the Countries in the Commonwealth were invited to begin work on building a boat to represent their country, because the Queen plans on sailing through London with a Jubilee Flotilla of ships :laugh: One assumes she will be sat at the bow of some Royal Barge at the head of the fleet. Today there has been released the plans for a Pagent at Windsor which will involve gazillions of Horses, for The Queens passion for sport is weel known, and she especially loves the Horse Race :laugh:

We can be sure of one other thing...and that is the Saint Paul's Cathedral Service of Thanksgiving. We know this because it is customary for the Monarch to celebrate such large occasions at the Premier in London, for which she must ask permission for. She has to ask Permission because the City of London (The Square Mile) was given its independance...Yes...INDEPENDANCE...Technically speaking, London is under the control of The Lord Mayor. At the time this was important because London Docklands were within the Square mile, and they control the industry of the Capital...it was Awarded by Elizabeth I and marked by the giving of a large Sword encrusted with pearls...which you see is included on the London coat of Alms.

It is seen therefore as a courtesy for The Queen to ask if she may use the Public Cathedral, and the big procession all the way from Buckingham Palace in Westminster, to Saint Paul's Cathedral in London stops at the big Dragon which symbolizes the boarder of the two cities, and the Lord Mayor who has followed her up until this point. Proceeds to over take her, and then lead her into the City.

This happened at the Golden Jubilee which Celebrated Half a Century sat on the British Throne back in 2002....

...and you can see what it looked like below

The Procession to SPC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Waby2yVKNU

The Moment during the Procession where the Queen Waits at the Boarder of London

Within SPC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCLXIBz11zE

I shall keep you all updated over the next few months :w00t: