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03-16-2009, 07:36 PM

My Sister Rosy announced her engagement yesterday night to her long standing boyfriend of nearly five years called Tom. Tom and Rosy met when she was at University, they both work for the same company (in the financial sector, they are accountants, specifically, auditors)

She has recently moved to co-habit with him (maybe a couple of months now) in Leeds. Prior to which she lived in a shared flat with my other Sister Tiffany (they are still paying the lease for it until the contract expires LOL)

Because in England, The Church of England is effectively State Religion, all citizens have the right to be married in a Church of England Parish, and there is a parish that covers every single area of the country.

Rosy is not Christian :mellow:

They maybe married in the Churches of any Denomination by the arrangement of the Ministers, providing that a Registrar be there to make the marriage lawful in the eyes of the State (this includes private chapels) For those who wish to have a non-religious ceremony, A registrar can make a union lawful at any large function hall or Office. In The Church of England, no registrar is needed, because the Ministers themselves have the State and Crown behind them. They ARE the Registrars.

Despite being a Heathen, they both want to be married in a Church :rolleyes: They have several options. You have the right to get married in the parish which you, or any of your family reside, particularly if you are on the electoral role for that parish. So she has the Right to marry at the Church in Scunthorpe where Toms family are based, at Saint Georges Church, Lincoln (because Nan is still living in the parish) Saint Marks Church Harrogate, because My Father works there as a Minister, The Church in Leeds, whichever parish that is, she wouldnt know :laugh: Saint Peters Church, the main Civic Church for Harrogate because I live in that Parish

Or...the one which she has chosen, The Parish Church of Christ Church On The Stray, High Harrogate (Because my parents live within its parish, despite working for another city church.) Christchurch is the Church that I go to quite often. :w00t:

Its situated on the Stray, surrounded by beauty, but still pretty central.

The Wedding is set for the Summer of 2011 :ninja:

03-16-2009, 07:52 PM
So she didn't want to steal your thunder on your Birthday by announcing it, eh? That's a good sister:) Congrats to her!

03-16-2009, 08:52 PM
So she didn't want to steal your thunder on your Birthday by announcing it, eh? That's a good sister:) Congrats to her!

I wondered that.

She told me last of all...probably afraid of how I was gonna take it...but I put her right at ease when she said "Dave I have something really important to tell you"

and I said

"Your Pregnant" :mellow:


03-17-2009, 08:15 PM
That is good, I'm trying to remember which one she was, you had pics of her at one time on here.