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09-29-2011, 05:50 PM
This season I am proud to announce that I shall be doing write ups that will be hosted by The Phantom Knee, a British MMA site which also hosts my MMA predictions and recaps in replacement of Squared Octagon dot com.

So here is the first paragraph...to read the rest clicky the link!

I have a great affinity with the little guys that have recently been accepted by the UFC. Itís a travesty really that it has taken so long for them to be a part, and largely because the UFC are under the mistaken opinion that what the public like best is Heavyweight slug-fest main eventorsÖwhen we are equally appeased by tiny little men who move at a much faster pace and are therefore often far more exciting to watch. So it is that the Bantamweights and Featherweights compete in The Ultimate Fighter, for WEC changed the course of the above opinion. However, neither coach is within the weight bracket of those they are tutoring. I canít decide if itís because the UFC is foolish enough to forget they have talented coaches in that division, or if they want to, yet again, run a pair of smack talking embarrassments to raise ratings for their final ever Spike season. I think Iíll settle on the latter at this point....