View Full Version : How the Nazi party used Displacement in Europe

08-24-2011, 10:53 PM
So...Before the War and in the early days of the War, Hitler had issued a Europe Wide call for all ethnic Germans, and incidently, all who considered themselves German, to come to Germany.

Two things struck me when I first heard this...firstly, that there is no way all the ethnic Germans would fit into Germany...and secondly...what do you do with the people who live in the area already?

Please remember this is BEFORE Germany decided to ethnic clense. We are not talking about Jews here...merely the natural population of areas that are owned by Hitler.

So....Hitler decided that he would remove the entire polish population of north Poland...more then One Hundred Thousand, and push them south. It took them less then a full year. They would roll up in the middle of the night, go street by street removing families, putting them in transports, and driving away, early the next day, they would bring the immigrants in more transports, provide them with a map of the city, and a key, and tell them to go find their home...and to choose where they wanted to work and what they wanted to do.

This didnt go down too well with the immigrants because they thought they were going to be able to live in Germany itself. It also caused a big power struggle within the administration. In the end, the guy who was responsible for South Poland, a long term friend of Adolf, was very upset when he got sold out, and had to look after all the polish people of the north.

The situation was adventually solved by removing a large proportion of the original polish population, by erradicating them on the basis of being Jewish. It was not something that appeared overnight. in South Poland before the massicres began, already the population was being segregated into jew and non jew...the Jewish towns became fortified against their inhabitants, mal treatment and starvation was rife.

it was out of the above that the final solution was devised. The Evil spread quickly It is suprising how much the German authorities actually managed to do considering they only really had a few years, and those years were the same years that their cities and towns were being bombarded nightly from the air. :unsure: