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08-12-2011, 06:52 PM

Of course it's unconstitutional, forcing people to buy something. What crap!

U.S. appeals court rules against Obama health care law
Legality of the individual mandate is expected to go to the Supreme Court

updated 2 hours 10 minutes ago

WASHINGTON A U.S. appeals court ruled Friday that President Barack Obama's healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, a blow to the White House.

The U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, found that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage, but also ruled that the rest of the wide-ranging law could remain in effect.

The legality of the so-called individual mandate, a cornerstone of the healthcare law, is widely expected to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Obama administration has defended the provision as constitutional.

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Obamacare = epic fail

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Obamacare = epic fail


'Bout tiime we got some positive news.