View Full Version : Baltic Bomber has links with EDL?

07-25-2011, 10:24 PM
:blink: apparently, they think the guy who killed all those people in Norway was in touch with The English Defence League (a growing form of English Fascism not unlike the British Nationalist Party)

Now the EDL is slightly different from the BNP...its not really a political movement like the BNP...which, whilst its British Nationalism (that includes members from ALL the Union) its not particularly Anti-Islamic (well..not any more then its anti anything not British :laugh:)

The English Defence League is different...its not really a political party, in terms of being on council seats or democratically ellected (like the BNP is) Its formed as almost a direct reaction against the spread of Islam. It appeared in London about the time I went on my Second States Tour...so that just tells you how...recent it is.

Its a FAR right movement that organizes street protests to protect all things English specifically from Islam...They were angered by a group of Islamists who decided to be less then friendly in there greeting of returning troops from Afghanistan...North London reacted violently to the idea that a foreign Faith would dare, and worse, be permitted, to show their dissaproval to returning troops.

By the time I returned from The United States the EDL was rife in The City of Leeds...and by August of 2010 they had spread to Bradford also. They are a street movement, made up of yobs and hooligans, prone to violence beyond the scale of the BNP

I believe they were the group that issued a warning last year to all the councils in England that they would be due a visitation if they decided to remove the word "Christmas" from their winter celebrations... :laugh: