View Full Version : PRIDE Rules With Elbows Are Expected To Be Implemented In OneFC

07-19-2011, 02:38 PM

In the growing discussions within the MMA community of Lay N Prayers dominating the sport by just cruising their way to decisions and in effect makes it a boring fight, new Singapore based MMA promotion OneFC might be able to change that and gives the excitement hungry fans what they needed. MMA writer Anton Tabuena explains the unfinalized rules.

Modified Rules:

As for the rule-set to be implemented, the plan is to host a slight mix of PRIDE and UFC (Unified) rules.

The 3 points rule, where a fighter canít knee the head of an opponent who has at least one hand touching the floor, is out, meaning knees from any position are allowed, as long as it isnít on the back of the head. This also means that upkicks, like the one Anderson Silva used to KO Yushin Okami before, are legal.

The plan is for fights to be held in a cage, with full PRIDE rules and elbows on the ground. This means soccer kicks and stomps are also to be allowed.

- Note that changes are still possible, as their management will still have to meet with officials before getting these finalized.