View Full Version : Lombard: "Marquardt Can Take All The Drugs He Wants Against Me"

07-12-2011, 11:41 AM

ďHeís a big name up there, Iím ready for the challenge. I want to show everybody what Iím capable of doing. I just want to fight that guy bad.

Ben Askren said it all, I think [Marquardt] is a cheater, but [against] me, he can take all the drugs he wants. Iím going to whoop his *** anyway.

I donít see him making [170]. Ö Heís a natural 185, Heís been fighting at 185. At one point he was number two in the world at 185.

Thereís no excuses anymore, Donít say youíve got a contract with the UFC because he doesnít have it. He can take the fight and prove everybody wrong.

Nobody respects me at the moment, Thatís why I want to fight Nate Marquardt and show the people what I can do.

Please, guys, help me out, Put the word out there and put the pressure on this guy to make the fight happen with me.Ē