View Full Version : Archbishop of Canterbury classed as "Subversive" by Secret Service

06-19-2011, 11:35 PM

The Secret Service has let slip that the Archbishop of Canterbury who has spoken out against the Government in a number of ways is "Subversive" thats short for "watch him coz he might end up being dangerous"

However...they made that decision in 1989 when he was part of a left wing christian group who got the attention of the Secret Service at University and was considered so dangerous it was reported to Maggie Thatcher...who of course fought her entire premiership of squashing Socialism :laugh:

Friends of Williams say that although he wrote the Manifesto...he isnt named specifically in the secret reports and that they are releasing this information as retribution for the fact he criticised the Government in public

:laugh: looks like Church and State are at war :laugh: