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06-17-2011, 06:06 PM
:unsure-1: They're dropping like flies at "Finneys" :mellow:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I am leaving the Hit Squad. I have put much time and passion into teaching and training there. However, it is in my best interest to move on to the next chapter. I am very sad to leave a place that felt like home for so long, but I am very excited for new opportunities that lie ahead.

06-17-2011, 06:23 PM
the owners and I could not come to a contractual agreement

I hope Mr Finney realizes just what he is that he stands to looose here. Because it looks like there is a mass exodus from that gym ever since he took over...first it was from world class fighters (which are kinda useful to have if you want to proove your gym is any good) Their Boxing coach is pure boxing in terms of background (Again the loss of Matt Pena as a world class boxing coach) Then they loose the Wrestling Coach, Marc Fiore, a pedigree with Military background) Now they have lost their Groundsman (Kyle Watson who doubles as a world class participent also) They have removed the Acroymn from the Title, so its now Finneys Hit Squad, rather then Hughes Intensive Training...They are no longer recognised as a separate entity worth their own section on THE Greatest MMA forum in the world. Their banner went from sophisticated to gaudie...in a matter of months

All I can say is I am TRUELY glad that I managed to visit the HIT Squad before everyone left.

Now all we need is for Todd Laux to pack up and go home, and I wont know a SINGLE person at that place :sad:

Chris F
06-17-2011, 07:55 PM
I thought Matt still had financial interest in the gym. Did he pull out as well?

06-17-2011, 10:10 PM
I thought Matt still had financial interest in the gym. Did he pull out as well?

I dont understand quite how the gym is funded or works now...and only knew roughly before. As I understood it, the gym was funded by a business executive and legal professional known as Mr Cooper. Marc Fiore told me that he viewed the gym as a long term investment, hoping it would produce another Matt Hughes. As I understood it, all the founders owned shares...not sure exactly how that worked financially.

I think I remember hearing that when Matt Pena left, he was allowed to keep his shares, which means technically, he can, or could, for want of a better phrase use the gym at his own pleasure...but was barred from being on the staff there.

Now whether that means he totally pulled out...I dont know. They tell me that Robbie Lawler..who I know for a fact resided in the local area at the time of ADT, no longer visits the gym. In theory...being a founder...he would have stakes also....along with Hughes and Fiore. As I understand it, Kyle Watson, whilst first Generation HIT Squad...wasnt a founder...and thus I dont think he was financially, or attached with shares.

Now...I have NO IDEA what happened with the Finney take over. I do not know if Finney bought out Cooper, and thus everyone still has the same shares as before, and simply the financial investor is different. I do know he MUST be the financial investor...because you simply cant change a name and logo and coorperative with another local gym unless you have the financial power to be incharge.

There is another possibility...which is vastly more concerning to me. The latter is that for some reason Mr Cooper decided to pull out. If that were the case then Jesse Finney may even have been offered prior to showing interest, the ownership of the property...if that was the case...then it could be exactly like when William invaded England...the first thing he did, was to gather then barons (who owned land...and in our analogy...shares) he took all the land back...and then returned it if they swore an oath of loyalty...but it was always given as a gift. I could see someone like Finney...who, in a remakably short space of time, has made sweeping changes, doing that. In essence, suspending the Founders ( alittle like dissolving parliament) and renegotiating terms...which are likely to be different...That would make sense with Watsons mention of a contractual aggreement....its also something that would absolutely oestracise anyone who had been part of the institution before.

The problem with all the above...is its an educated guess. I really do not particularly like the secrecy that seems to have floated around that gym since its founding. I am sure many people believe that Matt Hughes owns the gym completely, and trains there everyday, because never have they expressly said what the relationship was. I expect half the world who isnt clued into the MFS side of MMA still believes that Matt Pena works at the HIT Squad...and why not...the publicity of the opening showed it so...and there was never an official statement made about his departure...and where it happens to come up...it still has Matt Pena and Matt Hughes training together for fights (of course we know this was based in Utah...but the uninterested and unobservant person would be forgiven for not understanding and not knowing.

What I know...I only know by having visited the gym a single time, a few years after conception, and a few years before its...erm...transition. Its not like the Mod Team have been briefed on this :laugh: Part of me even had second thoughts about making this thread in case I get bollocked for doing it...:unsure-1:

I spoke to Todd a lot when I was at the gym. Marc Fiore lets slip a large amount in the interview, and Matt Pena was someone I talked to about the situation aswell. But its not prudent really to ask...its either something they (in my view should always) announce...or its left up to supposition.

I guess we have the latter, unless, or untill one of them actually speaks for themselves. I did connect with Jesse Finney on facebook....the sod posted on Kyle Watsons thread that he was "pure class" yeah...then WTH could they not give him what he wanted in a contract...having met the man, I refuse to believe he would be unreasonable....that put me off...I dont like politicians unless I know their arena...I dont know enough about the gym to tell him that he's an arse and he's ruined it. :laugh:

But I can say that on here...and hope he is a lurker...I know that he did view a few threads a while back (threads that no longer exist...in an obliterated section :laugh:)

06-18-2011, 11:29 PM
I am also glad that we went when we did. BF did a class last summer when we were visiting and we have a bunch of HIT Squad shirts! I consider them collector's items now.


06-24-2011, 12:43 PM
The latest Casualty in the HIT Squad mass exodus is the little known Kick Boxing Coach called Jason Cillufo...who states "Various reasons" for his departure.

I wonder if Ryan Davis the Boxing Coach that succeeded Matt Pena is still there...How long I wonder til Todd Resigns...I mean...everyone else is :sad:

06-25-2011, 01:41 AM
Seems like the hit the fan when it was bought out, :sad:

Chris F
06-25-2011, 03:51 PM
sounds like Finney wanted the location not the name or staff.