View Full Version : United States Awards German Chancellor "The Medal of Freedom"

06-07-2011, 09:28 PM
The United States doesnt really have Orders of Chivilry like many European Countries...instead their Awards are prized as a Token of Esteem in much the same way.

The German Chancellor has been on a State Visit to America this week, and Washington has decided to Host a State Dinner, and to use that function to award the highest Civilian Award to the German Leader.

I am not quite sure why. Within Europe Germany is a financial powerhouse, and therefore an important Allied Force...but it doesnt carry a Security Council Veto at the United Nations (for obvious historical reasons :laugh:) Presently Germany is not sure the Euro Currency will survive...and She is embroilled in a Continent wide outbreak of deadly food poisening.

Now this particular Medal is quite special because its a personal service award given by The US President...its very similar to the little understood Royal Victorian Order, which is an Order of Chivilry given by The Queen on a personal level of service. It is known purely as "Entirely Within The Soverigns Personal Gift"

Now in the United States because of the Regularity with which Presidents change Office, compared to Statemen, it is possible to receive the Commendation Twice...by different Presidents...something which is obviously impossible if it were an Order of Chivilry...for the member would remain in the order even when the President whose awarded him has vanished from office.

What is suprising is that this is NOT a token gesture given out to every head of State, or friendly international. Maggie Thatcher was given the award just before leaving office...and its no suprise that Tony Blair was awarded the Medalion also...Ironically...as one of the last acts of George Bush if the date is anything to go by :laugh:

The question is...what has the German Chancellor given/done/provided to Obama to make him bestow such an honnour...what has she promised him :ninja: because I do not see why they would give it to her....I mean she's nice enough...but I cant put my finger on the cause of this honour.

06-07-2011, 09:41 PM
First I've heard of it. Hopefully She ain't as bad a Obama is!