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05-17-2011, 06:31 PM
Those were the words uttered by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to the Prime Minister of The Republic of Eire, when Ulster, Ireland, and The British Government signed "The Good Friday" Aggreement allowing provincial Rule of Ulster to continue...The British Government had Abolished the Ulster Government in 1972, and in 1998 they permitted the re-establishment of an Assembly.

The Republic of Eire, also got established, just like Ulster, by Government in 1921, but it gained independance by 1922 :laugh: The main problem was, whilst the ballence in Ulster was like any Parliament, equal in terms of political associations...the Republic of Eire had a Parliament almost entirely made up of Nationalist who longed to be free of British rule...I think in Total, the Government met Four time, in a Government of Two Chambers...before declaring independance :laugh: they abolished themselves, and reformed a "Free State"

It is to this Free State...a Non Commonwealth Country, That Her Majesty will travel to for Four days. It is the first time a British Monarch has set foot on the Isles and its causing a lot of problems.

Ulster is still divided on its allegiance, some hate British Rule, some Love British Rule...The Republic is completely Anti-British Rule...and it is to the Captial of this Country that Elizabeth will travel to.

As she departed, the Ulster Nationalists threatened to Bomb Central London (even though her trip was to Eire and not Ulster. Noone quite knows why she is going, or what she is hoping to achieve. Ireland is not going back to the commonwealth, and she has no jurisdiction in Dublin. Ulster remains always dangerous, and the Nationalists who are unhappy with any British Rule which they are stuck with, are unhappy she is venturing into Ireland. Those who do love her, wont see her, coz she isnt going into Ulster...and thats where, if any, she has the most support, and the most ardent enemies.

I think she is litterally going because she wants to. She's never been to Dublin before...I guess she figures she isnt getting any younger, and its probably now or never :laugh:

Today she was greeted by the Republics President in the Capital, She attended a Tree Planting Ceremony, and laid a Wreath in the Garden of Remembrance, Then she visited Trinity College, and delighted herself in viewing "the book of Kells"

Tommorow she goes on a tour of Dublin, and will make a Visitation to the Government Buildings, She will lay another wreath at the War Memorial, before visiting a Stadium and meeting with Athletes (the Queen is BIG into Sport, although her chosen areas involve Horse Racing...she would probably get into Combat Sports...a lot of Elderly Women her age were brought up on Professional Wrestling...and the Jump is not a great one)

Finally the day will end at Dublin Castle where a State Banquet will be held in Her Honour

On Thursday she travels inland to Kildare, and there she will visit the Horse Race Track...its a big centre, she will be shown around the Stables, and probably meet the Jockeys also. She looks to be spending the entire day at Kildare :laugh:

In the Evening Her Majesty will wish to repay the thanks to the Irish Government by inviting them to a Banquet at The British Embassy in Dublin

On the Final day of her Irish State Visit, she willbe traveling to a few places in the country including Cork. Her Husband (whose family member was murdered by the IRA (Irish Republican Army of Ulster) many years ago) Will be touring with her.


05-18-2011, 08:22 AM
How far away is Ireland from you? I have been lead to believe that most European counties ain't that big!