View Full Version : Roman Catholic ArchBishop of Los Angeles Commends Obama Immigration Reform

05-17-2011, 05:45 PM
...which is a load of Crap. :angry:

President Obama thinks that the Country should create a proper immigration system for the South because of floods from Mexico. But how that is to be done without a proper fortified boarder...well...in short, it cant be.

So supposing he manages to do the impossible there...what to do with all the Illegal Immigrants already in the US?

Barack Obama is granting Amnesty to them, if they pay for it financially. Thats outrageous towards anyone who is a LEGAL immigrant...because it means that after the Illegals pay a fine, and a backdate on Tax...they just remain where they are...the rest of the worlds legal aspirers must wait for years in a slow moving beauracratic line....But these Fines, and these Tax backdates are a BIG money income for the Federal Government...of course...it assumes all these illegals, are suddenly going to want to admit their status and want to pay the fine and tax backdate...rather then just continuing to live carefree off the system...presumably, if they had wanted to become citizens, they would not have moved in illegally in the first place.

The Archbishop of Los Angeles said he thought it was good, coz it stops families being broken up when the adults get deported, but their children remain as citizens...but...in truth...how often does that actually happen?

Its NOT Rocket science...Here is what the US Government should do

1) Build, Fortify and Close the South Boarder
2) Pass legislation that says children of illegals are still illegals
3) Find the Illegals, and threaten them with prosecution, OR a Fine
4) if they choose Prosecution, anex another off shore island and Guantanamo it
5) if they choose a Fine, take the money, and send them back to Mexico
6) once the illegals have gone re-open the boarder in EXACTLY the same manner as you treat incoming air trafic
7) show that you are willing to do the same in the North if Canada doesnt continue to respect the soverignty of your populas
8) Tell The Roman Catholic ArchBishop that "The Bishop of Rome has No Jurisdiction in This Realm of America" and if he has a problem, he is welcome to leave aswell :laugh: