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05-14-2011, 06:47 PM
:laugh: The Eurovision song contest was designed in 1956 and the idea was that the European Broadcasting Commision, would unite a war weary Europe through Song. Any Country that had the European Broadcasting commision in it, could enter. Course as Europe Grew, its grown so much that now there are not enough time for all of Europe...so they go through sort of heats.

Each Country hosts nominations, the winning nomination goes into the application process, the ones that make it by vote through to the final round are presented to Europe in its entireity. Each Entrant, also has a pannel of Judges who award points 1-10 and 12. The winner gets to play host for the next contest :laugh:

:laugh: Its completely political. :laugh: :laugh:

This year, expect Greece, Ireland, and Portugal to receive nil pois because of their debts. Expect England to do well now its detached itself from America. Expect Germany not to win. Cyprus and Malta love each other...France and Britain hate each other...thats about all you need to know :laugh:

I'm off to my parents to view it and judge for myself...I will of course return and tell you all about it :laugh:

Thus far...the Eliminated countries that entered but were not voted for the final include

F.Y.R. Macedonia
San Marino
The Netherlands

05-15-2011, 12:21 AM
I thought Austria should have won...but the Europeans have selected Azabaijan...as the English host said after "Well, Azabaijan is one of the few Countries left able to host the event!) and for a horrifying moment early in the voting it looked like Greece would win...I can picture the appeal to the European Union right now "please, we need a bail out to beable to afford to host the next Eurovision Song Contest!" :laugh:

The event was called "Feel your heart beat" so we were expecting love songs this year. it should have been called "why the Soviet Collapse has ruined European Politics" coz there are now so many stupid little soverignties all former Russian owned, who are now in cohorts with one another...so vast in number that when they decide to vote the same way...well...thats democrasy for you!

The highlight was the paradox that the Med faced...The lovely little alliance between Malta, Cyprus, Greece, France, Israel, and Spain was shattered....when Niether Malta nor Cyprus managed to get into the final... Greece didnt know how to vote...neither did any of the others...soooo they all decided to give it to Italy coz Italy havent been in it lately :laugh:

All the Eastern Block stuck their fingers up to Mother Russia, and decided that they needed to send their votes to Georgia for having the guts to avoid being completely invaded by Russia during the bad time of her month a few years back.

Germany got outstandingly high votes from...Denmark, Austria, Switzerland...and in return Germany gave to....Austria

Despite spending at least half a century in constant warfare against each other, Serbia gave to Bosnia...and Bosnia gave to Serbia...and Croatia gave to Serbia but ignored Bosnia (I should explain, and Country who has the right to apply for the contest, could vote...that means FORTY THREE countries voted...even thought only TWENTY FIVE Countries were in the final. Even San Marino voted :laugh:

The Ukrain and Russia kissed each others ass...the rest of the Eastern Block gave to Ukrain, and Georgia. The Baltic States all swoped vertually identical votes.....Sweeden gave to denmark as Norway and couldnt get in

France and Belguim Judges were the only two on the continent who decided to stick their fingers up at both England and Germany, the host nation. They refused to speak the results of the votes in anything other then French...Not a Guten Abend amoungst them.

The UK gave Eire 12 points...Ireland...who is pissed that the British Soverign is visiting their nation next week...they only gave us 6 in return! Portugal gave to spain...Spain didnt know what to do since portugal werent in the contest.

Malta defaulted on Greece...dont know why...they obviously arent getting on well right now.

The only Country with any sence in the entire Euro-Russian portion of the Planet is Crete

Crete dont Vote and Dont enter :laugh:

My Top five were

and Solvenia

I ranked the winner Fifteenth place :laugh:

Tommorow, I shall post my score card (The BBC produced them) along with comments made about the songs and voting as they happened.