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05-09-2011, 07:22 PM

I remember an interview with Bas on HDNet... "No.. The UFC is great.. but they will need to get together with us if they want their fighters ranked..."


November 15, 2007 – the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) was announced at a press conference held at Gallager's Steak House, New York, given by Michael B. Lynch, boxing attorney Fred Levin, former Buffalo Bills coach Kay Stephenson, and Dave Szady.

June 14, 2008 – it was announced that the fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia at Affliction: Banned would be for the inaugural WAMMA Heavyweight Championship. Emelianenko defeated Sylvia and became the first WAMMA Heavyweight champion.

December 29, 2008 – it was announced that the bout between Shinya Aoki and Eddie Alvarez at Dynamite!! 2008 would be for the inaugural WAMMA Lightweight Championship. Shinya Aoki defeated Eddie Alvarez and became the first WAMMA Lightweight Champion.

January 24, 2009 – at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, Fedor Emelianenko defeated Andrei Arlovski and successfully defended his WAMMA heavyweight title.

February 11, 2009 – WAMMA announced they would also start ranking the top ten female MMA fighters for three weight classes (125, 135 and 145 pounds)

March 5, 2009 – WAMMA released their rankings for female MMA fighters and new names for the 3 weight classes they would be ranking. 125 lbs became bantamweight, 135 lbs became super bantamweight, and 145 lbs became featherweight.

March 18, 2009 – the WAMMA top ten fighter rankings debuted on ESPN.com's original mixed martial arts studio show, MMA Live. With plans to update the WAMMA rankings each month on the program.

April 2009 – then current COO Mike Lynch announced an amicable departure from WAMMA to pursue other business opportunities. Lynch remained with WAMMA as a consultant.

May 19, 2009 – Vice President Pat Miletich and interim COO Sam Caplan announced their departure from WAMMA.

June-July 2009 – WAMMA had not updated their website, MMA men's rankings, or responded to media inquiries, causing some to speculate that the organization may be defunct. A forum member of Sherdog visited the former WAMMA offices and found them deserted.

August 2, 2009 – the WAMMA women's rankings committee updated the women's rankings, establishing that the organization is still functioning.
August 20, 2009 – WAMMA announced a partnership with Brand Asset Digital. WAMMA CEO Dave Szady also addressed the rumors of WAMMA's demise saying "WAMMA is alive and well, and growing. We are in the process of relocating to new office space in Pensacola and will resume our rankings this month."

August 25, 2009 – Andrew Falzon was announced as the organization's new rankings chair, having succeeded John Morgan of MMAJunkie. Falzon's MMA credits include writing for ESPN.com and FIGHT Magazine, post-fight interviewer for the now defunct International Fight League, play-by-play voice for local MMA promotions, and guest appearances on the Fox News Fight Game and NBCSports.com.

November 7, 2009 – Fedor Emelianenko defeated Brett Rogers, successfully defending his WAMMA World Heavyweight Championship for the second time.
Since November 2009 WAMMA has not updated it's rankings nor has it issued a single press release.

July 8, 2010 – a writer for MMAFighting.com posted an article entitled "So What Ever Became of Fedor Emelianenko's WAMMA Belt, Anyway?", the post attempted to address WAMMA's current status and concluded with the following:
“ ...former rankings committee members (such as myself and a bunch of other people) haven't received any remotely recent requests for input on fighter rankings, and emails to WAMMA officials about whether the organization still exists have thus far gone unanswered. In fact, a PR contact who used to work for WAMMA told me he hasn't been able to get an answer to any emails or phone calls to his former bosses in over six months.
It's sure starting to seem like WAMMA has just up and quit without telling anyone...
—Ben Fowlkes