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05-06-2011, 06:51 PM
OK.. maybe I am being "sensitive (not in a gay way) about this.. but it buggs me...

This TV guys says... his version of a Shania song would be.. "some guy touches my butt... is going to get his behind beat...."....

And he is having to apologize???? And GLADD is "up in arms"???


(PEOPLE) -- Blake Shelton stuck his boot in his mouth, but now "The Voice" coach is apologizing.

It all started when Shelton, 34, tweeted on Tuesday his own version of a Shania Twain song: "Any man that tries touching my behind, he's gonna be a beaten, bleedin,' heaving kind of guy."

Within hours, the country crooner, who is engaged to Miranda Lambert, was attacked by a slew of angry Tweeters, along with GLAAD, which wrote, "No, @BlakeShelton -- violent, anti-gay statements are not what a woman wants. Apologize now. #LGBT #gay #thevoice @NBCTheVoice."

Shelton later apologized on the social networking site for what he called a "misunderstanding with the whole re-write on the Shania song."

"It honestly wasn't even meant that way," he wrote. "I now know that their (sic) are people out there waiting to jump at everything I say on here or anywhere. But when it comes to gay/lesbian rights or just feelings... I love everybody. So go look for a real villain and leave me out of it!!!"

Shelton later added, "@glaad hey I want my fans and @nbcthevoice fans to know that anti-gay and lesbian violence is unacceptable!!!!!"

GLAAD eventually forgave Shelton, posting a statement from the organization's president on its Web site. "Following outrage from community members and allies, Blake Shelton took the right step in speaking out against anti-gay violence and sending an important message to his fans and viewers of 'The Voice.'"

I am one of the most open minded people when it comes to gay/lesbian stuff.. I just don't care... makes no real difference to me.. but if some guy hits on me.. or walks up and grabs my arse... I am going to do the same thing that a woman should do if some guy or girl grabs them like that....

beat the snot out of them...

Miss Foxy
05-07-2011, 12:09 AM
I constantly say fag this and fag that. I am so done with being politically correct..I have no filter..:laugh: