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04-13-2011, 11:16 PM

after the introductions, Barack Obama speaks about what America is...and he seems to be a litttttttle lacking on something absolutely crucial...not sure I heard a mention of GOD in all that :huh:

Do you believe the first five moments actually reflect what America is?

He goes on to praise the First Bush Presidency, and the Clinton Presidency for stopping the debt in the 1990s. He said that the nation should be debt free...and then he says, quite litterally, that the problem happened after 2000 until he took office. He says its a problem because of the Baby Boomers all retireing at one time...and he says its because of some drugs market, and the wars.

He's as bad as the Conservatives who say the money problem is all the fault of the last administration...but at least they have the guts to mention the names of the accused. Obama doesnt. He simply implies it.

At around 20 mins he goes on to say there are a number of Republican ideas which are good, but their enaction will fundementally change what America is all about. He says they focus on reducing a 12 percent block of the federal budgit which is allocated to the likes of education, transport, renewable energy...and that they are ignoring the huge amount spent on medicaid (whatever the hell that is) Medicare (I thought you guys didnt had to pay for your health??) and Defence...he calls it national security in order to avoid the fact, that what it really is, is the protection of the armed forces and military strength. He says that that tells people they cant afford the America they want...well damn bloody right they cant afford it...

His real problem is that cuts in these areas will be felt by the population more, then cuts to military spending I bet. Well perhaps it would do some of his citizens no harm to feel what its like to "live within our means" He talks a lot of bollocks, when the Republicans have bassically said that if you dont want to raise taxes, public service sectors MUST be cut. That might effect more people, make it harder for the population in the short term...but save the whole country in the long term. At least they are being honnest.

He says that Brazil and china and Korea are excelling at academia, and trying to put more money into that very area. YEAH BRAZIL AND CHINA AND KOREA dont live of bloody credit. He's using the comparison to try and say Republicans are lowing the vision of america to that of a third world country.

He says they would also scrap medicare and leave millions without health care or something

"this will not happen as long as im president" and he repeats this throughout the later parts of his speech....well...looks like I was right, that this whole budgit and threat to shut down the government, and then jump in last moment as saviour is nothing, NOTHING short of a new presidential candidates campaign.

Its horrible. Im not going to watch anymore.

04-14-2011, 04:33 AM
I suspect Obama of being an Atheist with Muslim sympathies!

04-16-2011, 12:30 PM
I suspect Obama of being an Atheist with Muslim sympathies!

I was never convinced of that...but...I do feel he suddenly isnt expressing a particularly christian portrayal of the nation...did you know he does a weekly "address" which is basically a Video blog.

I bet he stole that Idea from me...what do you think...should I change the name from "weekly video blog" to "weekly video address" :huh::laugh:

04-19-2011, 12:22 PM
I suspect Obama of being an Atheist with Muslim sympathies!

On the Upside...He DID Phone Benyamin Netanyahu this morning to wish him a "happy Passover" :laugh: ...and he has recently installed in Israel something called "The Iron Dome" which is a small missile shield designed to protect Israels boarder with Palestine from those pesky rocket attacks.