View Full Version : First Plan Released for Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!

04-12-2011, 07:43 PM
Next Year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee This is an increadible Achievement as only one other Monarch in the last three thousand years has made a Regnum to last for SIXTY YEARS! It will be one of Two Mile Stones the Queen is set to pass in the next Five Years...The First will be succeeded very shortly....allready she is the oldest Monarch in four millenia...we have never had a Monarch so advanced in age. But in May she will eclipse the longest Reigning King that England has ever seen...and then nothing stands between her being BOTH The Oldest and Longest Reigning Monarch...EXCEPT Queen Victoria....

We all hope she is Still Queen on September 12th 2015 :happydancing:, the target is Sixty Three Years And Two Hundred and Sixteen Days...make it to Sixty Three Years and Two Hundred and SEVENteen Days...and Victoria will have been Eclipsed :laugh:

Anyway....soooo the press have released the first idea of how they plan to celebrate the Occasion of the Jubilee...and it includes a Gigantic Flotilla. Basically a very large parade of Boats through the Capital...with Elizabeth commanding the lead from a Royal Barge :w00t: Lest we forget that Elizabeth I was the Queen who defeated The Spanish Armada!