View Full Version : Well I took a wild hair and Emailed this to Mich McConnell!

04-10-2011, 12:45 AM
I have been watching the news alot lately and I see the fight to cut spending! Well I'm gonna tell you some great places to start. First is the BATF! They are an abusive Un American organization who's only purpose seem to be to harass honest Law Abiding Americans who just happen to practise thier right to own a firearm as recognized by our second amendment of the US Constitution! In fact you may consider having Sen.Charles Grassley of Alabama fill you in on project gun runner! For more info on BATF abusing honest Americans contact Gun Owners of America. Also think about the huge budget the BATF has and what this country can save. Now about other spending cuts! Planned Parenthood must not get anymore tax money. Also cut NPR and do something about the EPA! From everything I've read the EPA does nothing to ensure clean air and water but instead are becoming another abusive federal agency! It also would bother me if you put a 3 year freeze on pay raises for Congress,Senate and the President! This bad economy was in large part the cause of me loosing my job so its time that are lawmakers feel some pinch to! On a side note I have also Emailed Rand Paul my views on the BATF! I expect both of you to do something about them! After all you both work for we the people whitch includes me!