View Full Version : Pat Miletich is Talks to Fight Former Champion

04-03-2011, 08:53 PM

It must be good to have an entire fighting system named after you. Pat Miletich looks like the guy no one would pick on in school because his face appears to come from a long lineage of faces that have witnessed other faces get mangled, repeatedly. Miletich has been sending his fists in people's mandibles for over thirteen years now, including legends like Renzo Gracie, Dan Severn, Matt Lindland and the only person that can rock a golden thong effortlessly, Shonie Carter. Most people are Pat's MMA career, but he also was a member of WAMMA until he 'no longer believed in their execution' and left the organization that still wants to unify every MMA title in the galaxy. We caught up with Pat shortly after Strikeforce Challengers and he informed us that he has been in contact with Roy Jones Jr. in order to assemble an MMA bout between the two.


04-03-2011, 09:35 PM
I know Pat's well respected on here but I gotta be honest... my BS detector just about broke watching this video.

Not only do I doubt it will ever happen I doubt they talk every day...

I mean every week.... :Whistle:

I mean every 2 weeks....:ashamed:

I mean once a month. :laugh::laugh: