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03-23-2011, 06:36 PM

YES YES YES!!!!!! I said a few years ago that The Long Halloween would be a GREAT movie.. have to change some things... to make the books flow into film... but it would be great!!!!

And THAT'S what is happening~!!!!!!

Oh happy dancing is commencing!!!!! :happydancing:



Dark Knight Rises: And Joseph Gordon-Lovitt is…
is not Riddler, Hugo Strange or The Mad Hatter but rather The Holiday Killer- aka Alberto Falcone. Movieweb gives us the confirmation:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing Alberto Falcone, aka The Holiday Killer. The character figured heavily in the original comic book story The Long Halloween, in which Alberto, refused a place at his father’s side in the Gotham Mafia, goes on a Halloween killing spree. He then continues to pop up on various holidays, taking out members of the criminal underworld.
It is not clear at this point how The Holiday Killer will figure into the storyline of The Dark Knight Rises, which also includes villains Catwoman and Bane.
I know many folks were hoping for Riddler or Hugo Strange. But in my view, a role like this follows the Nolan formula: there has to be at least one gangster in the mix. I’m not disappointed to say the least. In fact, I was kind of hoping for this character. No word yet on Sophia ‘Hangman’ Falcone plays into the picture though.

Whacha think? Only other question is if Falcone Jr. a future mob boss. the serial killer Holiday, or both?

County Mike
03-23-2011, 06:48 PM
I'm not familiar with the holiday killer in the batman comics but I'm sure I'll enjoy it on DVD or Comcast.