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Ok, so I'm sick and bored. Therefore, all day I have been playing around on ancestry.com. I was trying to trace my American Indian relatives but came across something else instead. I may possibly be a direct descendant of King Henry VIII. :laugh: So Dave, my English buddy, please help me research this if you get bored. I need to know if Henry VIII truly had a mistress named Agnes Blewitt and had a bastard son named Richard Edwards. I'll send the direct line that I have to you in PM since it has a lot of names that could be used to find out way too much about me. I've read some accounts that claim this and other accounts that say people are just Royal Hunting and it can't be proven.


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c. early 1520's - Rumour

- Agnes Blewitt early 1520s her son, Richard Edwardes was born sometime between October 1523 to 1525 was claimed to be Henry's, it was said that Agnes was allowed to display the Tudor rose on her coat of arms

The idea that Henry VIII was the father of Richard Edwardes has recently been discredited in Kelly Hart’s, The Mistresses of Henry VIII (2009):

“There are also suggestions that Richards Edwardes was Henry’s son. The evidence rests on him receiving an Oxford education that his family could not have afforded. There are many possible explanations for this: he could have had a benefactor, a scholarship, or perhaps his mother was the mistress of a rich man. Richard or his family may have impressed someone influential. Perhaps it was his father who paid – but there were many men who could have afforded to pay this and there is no reason to assume that it was Henry VIII. Richard Edwardes has many descendants who believe he was Henry’s son. This rumour seems to have originated from the Edwardes family themselves and not from contemporary source. Much of our (more dubious) information comes from family histories.

Edwardes’ mother, Agnes Blewitt, was not a courtier. She was from Somerset and is unlikely to have met Henry; he may have had affairs with low-born women, but they were unlikely to have lasted long. Mistresses needed to be able to dazzle at courtly accomplishments and this usually meant having had an aristocratic upbringing. It could cause offence to target wives and daughters of the highest in the land, but the king was also not expected to keep the company of women who were too far his social inferiors. A commoner may have held Henry’s attentions long enough for a casual fling and perhaps to conceive a child. Yet Henry may have considered his social inferiors for long-term mistresses, as he happily picked low-born ministers.

Edwardes was a poet, musician and composer who spent some time at Elizabeth’s court. He married Helene Griffith, which does not seem to have been an advantageous marriage. They had one son, William, who continued the Edwardes line by having sixteen children. Richard Edwardes died in 1566, three years after his marriage, and there is no evidence that links him to Henry VIII during their lifetime. Nevertheless the rumours persist.” (pp. 77-78).

This says it's not true. But then I find things like this:

Richard Edward(e)s, was born Oct of 1523-25 in North Petherton, Somerset, England. His parents of record are William Thomas Edwardes of North Petherton and Agnes Blewett of Holcombe Rogus, Devon.

Some researchers and Brit historians believe that Richard is an illegitimate son of Henry VIII (Tudor) and Agnes Blewitt, as Agnes was at court just prior to her pregnancy and Henry VIII provided a stipend for Richard's childhood support, and guaranteed and paid for his education at Oxford. Richard's mother, Agnes Blewitt, was allowed to add the Tudor roses to her personal crest.

Though educated at Oxford to be a lawyer, Richard Edwardes never practiced law, and instead became a cleric in the Anglican Church. He was a poet and playwright of some renoun, writing such rousing plays as Palemon and Arcite for the entertainment of (his supposed half sister) Queen Elizabeth. His passing was noted by a contemporary of the time as being a writer of the same class as Shakespeare.

Richard Edwards married Helene Griffith in about 1560. I have found as many as 6 children listed as being born to this marriage in the six years prior to his death in 1566.

Some feel that any researcher listing Henry VIII as the paternal line for Richard Edwardes is "Royalty Hunting". But if the William Thomas Edwards line is traced through to its early sources in Wales, it descends on a direct line through generations of Welsh kings to Coel Hen, the last Dux Brittorium, or King of All Britian, ca between 150 and 400 A. D.

Clearly there is no benefit to claiming royal lineage through Henry VIII, when William Edwardes lineage has a far longer and stronger royal bloodline.

Here is another letter i have..
There are many circumstances in Richard's life and the events there of that suggest that, he was the natural son of Henry VIII. The real truth may never be known, but many circumstance surrounding Richard and his life would certainly support such a conclusion. Agnes was not around the Court like the other two mistresses. She stayed at his hunting lodge. I quote: "It is indeed correct that Richard Edwardes was Henry's "natural son', his relationship to the King was a well guarded secret and was probably the result of the lady in question having resided near the royal hunting lodge of Huntworth in Somersetshire away from the observance of those at court. From the information that is available the lady's first name was Agnes and it is quite probable that she was a member of a family

of high and and long standing. No one will know jist why the secret of his birth was kept only to the Tudors and the family Richard was born into, but it may well have been out of respect for Richard Edwardes' mother and her family." Since the book was written, her last name was found. Agnes and her family were given land in Scotland and that was where Richard was raised as a young lad. Henry paid for Richard's education at Oxford.

-taken from "Descendants of Henry VIII Tudor"

:blink: I'm so confused. I'm sure I'm not really a descendant but it's kinda fun to think about.


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Better Henry than some of the others. But I'l let Tyburn comment on that.:laugh:

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there is only circumstantial evidence...but there are a few abnormalities surrounding Richard Edwards.

Firstly, if Edwards is the son of King Henry then he is illegitamate, that means born outside of wedlock. This is important to note, because at the time King Henry was praised by The Roman Catholic Church...Romans do not look on adultory well, just like they do not look at devorce well.

What IS fascinating is that Amy has found the name "Baron Edwards" as a link between herself and Richard Edwards. At the time of King Henry there were Twenty Barons who sat in Parliament alongside the Bishops and Clergy, only Seven more were added during the whole century. One happened to appear in 1533, the year in which Richard is thought to have been born. This Baron is Called Sir Vaux of Harrowden. Later Christian names of Amys family tree with the surname Edwards, also seem to line up with the Christian names of this Barony known as Vaux.

What is most important to remember is...if Amy is related to Royalty, and also to English Nobility, why is her family in America? Well, the fourth Baron of Vaux has relationships with those people who were traitors of The Gunpowder Plot...and during the reformation, Queen Elizabeth settled the score on the side of Protestantism. The Fifth Baron of Vaux apparently sold off his estate to a nearby Castle and vanished from the History books in this country all together.

I would like to suggest that the Edwards who used their name in America, were infact a branch of the Vaux Nobility...probably the TRUE branch, who fled to the new world after the reformation and after King Henry had died...there was a HUGE problem at the time with Roman Catholics, and a HUGE problem with the order of succession. The Vaux were not only so staunchly Roman Catholics as to be active terrorists, they were also the descendants of an illegitmate heir, who if he had raised his head would be a threat to the very throne.

For 175 years the Vaux Peerage was unclaimed...and yet there are many generations of Edwards continuing in The United States of America continuing towards Amy.

Last Century the Baron of Vaux reappeared, and claimed his Peerage. He is likely to be an even closer, though not direct descendant of the Edwards Family, that seemed to either tail off, or fork about three Generations prior to Amy (I suggest that Amy is at the end of a branch that split from the Edwards around the time of her Great Grandfather.

In 1963 The House of Lords accepted the Legitamacy of Baron Vaux of Harrowden, and the most recent succession took place in 2002, the Eleventh Baron still lives. He is a councillor in Scotland. If I were Amy, and I were looking for hard evidence, I would write to The House of Lords for information regarding WHO gave Writ for the founding of The Baron of Vaux (I bet it was King Henry) and whether they were Edwards prior to being made a barony. With any luck she can tie Agnus to Edwards and Edwards to Vaux. But in order to tie to the King, the best person to write to, would be the guy who claims to be the Heir of that Barony today. Surely the Eleventh Baron, will know if the First Baron was married to Agnus, and know if any one of the family changed their name from Edwards to Vaux...and surely not only will he know why the family line was cold for 175 years, but where they went. If he can provide names, its a simple cross reference to find if those names, are the same names on Amy Tree...and thus she will find out, by default, how close she is to modern day Nobility. Lets put it this way...The Seat reappeaed in the 1930s....She might be less then two generations removed from the Present Day Scot Baron...that would put her, in theory, no further away from Scotland then I...and a hell of a lot closer to British Nobility then I.

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Notice...Baron of Vaux...appears again in SCOTLAND...which is where Agnus apparently raised Richard Edwards...who may well turn out to be a Baron of Vaux himself...:ninja: