View Full Version : Bama Fan 1, Trees 0

02-19-2011, 05:24 PM
This is kind of sports, but it goes WAY beyond that so I'm putting it here.

Have you all heard about the Alabama fan the poisioned the trees in Auburn? I know most people who are not from here don't know what Tommer's Corner is, but it is a little park type area infront of an old store in Auburn, AL that has two (maybe 3) very large oak trees in it. Tradition is for Auburn fans to roll these trees after victories. Well come Bama fan poisioned them with an herbacide (sp).

First, I really do think this "fan" is crazy because 1.) he was stupid enough to call a sport radio show and tell on himself, 2.) because he had no idea is a child might end up in that park right after he dumped the chemical, and 3.) because he will now likely never be able to live in Alabam again. But you have to say, this might very well be the best team rivialry prank (and I use that word lightly) ever pulled off. And the guy has balls clearly because when he was arrest by an Auburn police officer he looks at the cop when asked his name and says "Roll Damn Tide!"

But now this guy has Auburn fans calling for his death and tree huggers doing the same. Which really is what bothers me the most because they are TREES. No life was taken and even though it would take a lot of work and a hundred years of growth, these trees can be replaced. Not to mention the schools in Montgomery are in a major crisis and our big news outlets that cover the Auburn viewing area have 4 stories about this mess on their homepage and none about the education crisis since this has happened. That just down right pisses me off because no students at Auburn will have their education effect by this yet more people care about it than the do education itself.

Back to the perp, this man is not even from Alabama - he is from texas. And he got mad over the cam newton jersery being put on a statue of Bear. Cops have had to be posted around the campus of Alabama to make sure no one tries to seek revenge, even though some Auburn fans once burned the score of the iron bowl into the lawn outside alabama's staduim and somehow managed to put down winter rye grass seeds inside the stadum and it ended up having to be completely re-sodded (is that evena word).

This whole mess may be the crazies thing I have ever heard in college football.