View Full Version : Fedor's Coach Vladimir Voronov Denies Hypnosis Rumor

02-19-2011, 12:00 PM


Vladimir Voronov spoke on the phone to a correspondent about Fedors health, sambo tournament and hypnosis.

Short translation:
Hello Vladimir Mihaylovich. You just came back from US. How's Fedor?

Fedor feels normal, I'd say good.

Does he plan to participate in Russian Combat Sambo tournament that will take place in SPB?

Yeah, Fedor rang me and said that he will compete in this tournament. He will take some rest untill weekend thou.

What about his injury, will that be a problem for him?

He doesn't have any injuries, I wouldn't call a black eye and a swollen forehead an injury.

Internet has been blown out of proportion with the talk about hypnosis. Apparently you gave an interview about psychological hypnosis being used on Fedor. Can you comment on that information?

It came is a bit of surprise to me. First of all I didn't give any interviews at all. On the airport exit we were on hurry to catch our train. There was a group of fans and one of the young boys asked us about Fedor's health and how he feels. So I answered that Fedor feels normal and Fedor will continue to fight in MMA. So he said to me that he seemed that Fedor didn't fell so good, so I answered (laughing) to him that he only seemed, or maybe he didn't feel so good (as if to say whatever). So from one or two phrases that lad (he didn't say who he was) came to a conclusion that Fedor was psychologically controlled by a hypnosis. It's a total bull****.