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12-20-2010, 09:10 PM
Its quite amazing how little changes can cause huge ripples in the shape of the Future. Abdication tend to do that. If you are nearly the same age as your Brother, and he is King, you can be reasonably sure you will never see the Throne, unless the unlikely event of something bad happening to your Brother, which in this day and age is unlikely.

This doesnt account for Abdication though. Right before the break out of World War Two, the King on the Throne decided he wanted to marry a Devorcee, which is not permitted...When he gave up the Throne for her, his Brother by Default suddenly found himself King on the eve of War.

King George Sixth was shy because he couldnt speak properly, he had a stammer and a stutter, and suddenly he was expected to lead the Country to a second war with Germany in twenty years. Thankfully, he had married Elizabeth, and she helpped him through it. Elizabeth lived forever...I mean she only just died in 2002.

During the height of the war, the Royal Family refused to leave London, even during the Blitz. It was the Queen Mother (although she was known as Queen Elizabeth at the time, she was Queen by Marriage only, what we call Queen Consort or Queen Dowedger, She was never Queen Regnant, like her Daughter, also called Elizabeth who still reigns today) was once asked about whether she would leave the city...and this was her response:

"The Children wont leave without me, I wont leave The King, and The King will never leave"
After the Blitz, when assessing the damage to the palace, she said "im glad we have been bombed, it makes me feel like I can look the east end in the face" (the east end was pretty much obliterated)

Adolf Hitler hated the fact she was a strong woman, and that she had massive appeal and empathy and popularity with the British public, he called her "the most dangerous woman in Europe" :laugh: it wasnt meant to be a compliment, but she took it in exactly the same way that the Soviets hailed Maggie as "the Iron Lady" again, not meant as a compliment...but both Women took their mockers in their strides.

Now, Elizabeth was not strictly nobility. Her Family on the male side held a Hereditry peerage (you will recall what they are from another recent thread I made) She has the longevity of a Commoner, dying well over the age of 100...and her Daughter looks set to have inherited the genes of a long life aswell. If she is anything like her Mother, she could technically still be reigning in twenty odd years time!!! Fancy having a British Monarch aged over 100 years of age!!

Anyway, I found a lovely video of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and Albert (who changed his name to George when he asscended) this is probably due to the fact his Father was called George, and he loved Albert and Elizabeth and had hopped one day they may reign....

...and one day they did.