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11-28-2010, 12:57 AM
From the Founding of the Ancient Oracle of Delphi in Greece, right until the Conversion of Constantine The Great.

Apollo was resident in Delphi, a City that reads like a timeline of stone in Greece. You see, with each political conquest, came an enhancement to Delphi.

So when the proud city of Athens first created a small union, and errected buildings at Delphi, that was eclipsed by The Spartans who got sick of being under Tyranical Athenes, they built better still...but the Spartens were overtaken by Arkkadia, and they built even better at Delphi...and because Delphi was dedicated to Apollo, they couldnt distroy any of the past monuments, which means that you walk through the desolate city and move backwards, or forwards in time (depending on where you begin)

Delphi didnt just work internationally, huge stones record each individual slave who was given freedom. The contracts were written in stone on a neutral wall not owned by any city, thus allowing true freedom for those past slaves.

Eventually Macedonia overtook Greece already, and they, also decided to reveal themselves at Delphi.

Then came Rome, who dont even worship the same pathenon....they too built, and indeed restored the other monuments.

But the monothestic religions were less kind. Delphi was forgotten when Constentine declared Roman pathenon false, and the site was not honoured by Islam either when it overtook Byzantium

I visited Delphi in 2001...its beautiful...but...there isnt much left of it, its kinda carved into the side of the hill, but its got everything...there was a gymnasium, with a roman plunge pool and bath (did you know the Romans liked to dive?)

It compares easily to old Sparta...but isnt a touch on Mystra (Mystra is a city built on another hill, think of it a little like an evacuation city for Sparta...not joking...Sparta is in the middle of a great plain...not easy to fortify...so in the event of being attacked at home...Sparta litterally evacuated to Mystra :laugh: like som kind of summer get away...its VERY Strange...Mystra is beautiful and its bearly ruins, and the cliff is VERY steep...old Sparta lies in ruins...but New Sparta is still a cosmopolitan city...and the two lie right next to each other. I explored Old Sparta on my own because the tour didnt take me there, we spent the night in New Sparta after having visited Mystra. I went for a walk...and could see these ruins in the distance...soooo I went off exploring down this track which let right into a large ampitheatre :scared0015:...I spent hours wandering...and heres the real interesting thing...the whole city was empty...it was just litterally me...I didnt see a single soul in the whole place...and it was a reasonable size.

but I digressed...sorry :unsure-1:

11-28-2010, 01:04 AM
btw...I also visited Olympia...if anyone wants to see what a TRUE Olympic Stadium looks like...let me know.

:happydancing:I had a picknick in the Original Olympic Stadium :happydancing:

Miss Foxy
11-29-2010, 04:35 PM
Tyburn I am just curious as to what inspired this thread? :unsure-1:

11-29-2010, 05:14 PM
Tyburn I am just curious as to what inspired this thread? :unsure-1:

I watched a documentary on it...the sound was off...and I remember looking at the pictures thinking...I know that place :laugh: So then I put the sound on, and it was about Delphi...so I thought...why not make a post about Delphi