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11-22-2010, 10:22 AM
You dont like the Hannovers, because they were Rulling England from the time of 1714 - 1901...which means the King George that the Americans classed as Tyranical during the war of independance was a Hannover.

Having said that, Queen Victoria was also a Hannover, but thats where the line splits from the House because being Female, even if she rulled, she could not carry on her line under Germanic and European Law...which is why when she married Prince Albert, it was His name (even as Doweger) that became the family name for the Royals.

Hannover is a historic and large house of Germanic Origin, it exists in its pure form to this day, although for obvious reasons the house no longer rules and is just classed as Noblitiy...Germany would struggle to find a true heir because they were, until the Weirmar a group of individual states each with a Kingdom of its own...You will note from the video that several prominant Hannovers were incorperated into Nazi Germany, including, the children.


Those who rulled England can be seen between 39 seconds and 1.18 (notice they exclude Victoria because she is Female)