View Full Version : Scott Coker Talks Giving Paul Daley A Title Shot In The Future

11-08-2010, 09:33 PM

“Paul Daley is not a bad guy doing malicious things throughout his whole career, we just take it on a case by case basis, but I think he learned his lesson. It’s up to him to control himself, and we’re going to give him the opportunity.

That said, we’re definitely going to keep our eye on him and make sure he abides by the rules and the regulations with the commissions that we’re promoting in and along with the Strikeforce rules.

The fight that we’re discussing internally if Paul gets past Scott maybe he and Evangelista Cyborg could fight, we could put that fight together in relatively quick fashion, maybe next year in the next three or four months, we can put that fight together and the winner of that fight could fight Nick Diaz.”