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11-06-2010, 04:58 PM
Usually reserved for Royalty, a State Funeral will involve a Royal lying in State in the Hall of Westminster...which is part of Westminster Palace. Then they march across a Square, to Westminster Abbey.

If they are NOT Royalty it is VERY rare for there to be a State Funeral at all. In the past it has been reserved for very important Military figures like Admiral Lord Nelson for example. These People dont go to Westminster Abbey which is a Royal Pecculiar, they go instead to what is seen as its Alternative. If the Abbey serves as the Top Royal Cathedral, it is Saint Paul's which is looked upon as the Top Peoples Cathedral.

And so Winston was marched on a gun carriage, all the way from the Hall of Westminster through to The City of London, entering as most do, to a setting of the Funeral Sentances...

but what I thought you, as many are Americans, would like to know, is that Half of his Family was American, and he was very much loved by the Americans, he had honoury Citizenship...and so after arriving the first thing that happened was a Rendition of.....


The Battle Hymn of The Republic :laugh:

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