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Sixteen months of planning by a group of Six Roman Catholics marks the most historic date of Terrorism on any Callendar. That date is November 5th 1605. The Target was Westminster Palace. Up until the night before the date of the bomb (a tonne of gunpowder placed beneith the House of Lords in 36 kegs) the British Government, and Monarchy had absolutely no idea there was a cell of Terrorist workingto distroy the state.

It began with a meeting in a Pub.

King James the First was sat upon the throne, after a century that had seen two things. The success of the Reformation, and the slow corruption of Parliament...both would eventually lead to Civil War. James became King of England because Elizabeth left no successor, this was a problem for some because he was already King of Scotland...The Crowns were united for some time.

Guy Fawkes who would be the undoing of this terrorist act, was a Yorkshire born Catholic, who had fought for Catholicism in rebellions around Europe. During one such tirade, he met a man called Thomas Winter, and of course his Brother Robert Winter, and John Winter they became the best of friends. during their fight for Catholicism in Spain, before returning to England.

The friends were then joined by the mastermind of the gun powder plot. Robert Catesby who was semi nobility, but a devout Catholic, and his friend Thomas Percy...both of which were Oxbridge Educated.

The Roman Catholics felt persecuted. Protestantism dissalowed anything Catholic, so they were forced to marry in a Protestant church, with a protestant mass, This was The Act of Uniformity, brought in by Elizabeth The First...the seal bassically on the final act of the Reformation...Sunday Church was compulsory in Britian...failiure to go to Church included monetary fines. Naturally, Catholicism went underground and survived by way of the Jesuit Movement, a Roman Mystical Tradition.

They Decided to strike at the Autumnal State Opening of Parliament, because that required the entire Government to squash into a single chambre, and the attendance of the Royal Family. All the Lords and Ladies, Many of the Protestant Bishops, and the Royal Family (remember, there was no house of commons at this point in History...and the State Opening was not a yearly event as it is now. (but incidently...both Houses still squash into the one House for the ceremony...it looks a bit like a tube train in rush house :laugh:))

by May 1604 they had decided how they could do this. It involved renting a house next to Westminster Palace (presumably long since gone) How could they do this unnoticed?? Because Thomas Percy was part of the Body Guard attachment to the King!! With that Status and being known, he could very easily rent out the house without it looking like anything sinister at all.

Thomas Percy then rented the house out to Guy Fawkes, as any Landlord might. It all looked perfectly innocent ( ...besides a second income which one presume he had to declaire for tax purposes :laugh:) Noone knew who Guy was because he had been in Europe for ten years fighting the Catholic cause, he assumed the identity of an assistant to Thomas Percy.

Enter Robert Cecil, the Secretary of State, and the eyes and ears of the King in the Courts. There are people who think that Robert was in on the plan, and let it go along way before stopping it to proove that Roman Catholics couldnt be trusted...whether he did or not we may never know...but as he served also under Elizabeth who was devout and wouldnt have liked that sort of two facedness, lets suppose that he is not involved in Treason. Cecil and Catesby knew each other, they had meetings with each other. It could be perfectly innocent...or it could be a government conspiracy.

Whatever, the plotters were ready to go in February 1605...and then had to halt because Parliament decided not to reconvene until the Fall of that year. This was because of an out break of the plague.

So now, we have the method, Motive...what about the practical ability. Well Robert Catesby lived in Lambeth, an area of London South of the River, opposite Westminster Palace (I hasten to add, I lived in Lambeth when I worked for Saint Paul's Cathedral, I lived right next to the tower that until the turn of last century was a secret service building :laugh: stuck out like a sore thumb...so they moved and converted it to penthouse appartments) Catesby over time stored the gunpowder at his house which was near...but not close enough to be discovered by accident before being laid.

Then the Coal Merchant from next door moves out, Next door I hear you cry...but wasnt the Palace next door?? Yes...The coal merchant rented a vault BENIETH the Palace :ninja: Suddenly Thomas Percy saw his Housing Portfolio double from one residence...to two residences...and the positioning of the bomb moved from house next door to the cellar beneith :rolleyes: Percy claimed that he needed if for storage because his Wife was coming to stay :laugh: He needed a whole vault to store all his Wifes shyte? :laugh: they believed him :laugh: So they began to ship the gunpowder across the river from Lambeth and hide it in the vault.

It is estimated that if the bomb had gone off, the Twelve Criminal Court Justices would have died, Sixty Nine Lords would have died about thirty Protestant Bishops, the entire Privy Council, the Legislators, and half of court would have vanished a long with the King. Lets get this perfectly clear...this wasnt just about assassinating a Catholic hating King...it was entire Regieme change, and hopefully the collapse of everything Geo-political since the Reformation. In Essence, momentary anarchy, out of which something other was sure to emerge.

Then the plot began to fall apart. Robert Cecil was taking too much interest in Thomas Percy and his little estate business. It aroused concern with Cecil who marked him on a list of possible catholic sympathizers. So had a letter. Cecil was good friends with an Earl of Monteagle. This was a strange relationship because Monteagle was Roman Catholic, but the two had struck up a friendship. So when Monteagle discovered a letter warning him not to attend the state opening of parliament by who...we may never know...one presumes he took it to his friend. Robert Cecil. In Response Cecil decided to pay a visit to the vault of Thomas Percy, and he found it full of shyte (he didnt see the powder kegs...but lets just say he DIDNT see the affaires of the Wife of Thomas Percy. He reported back the the King, who told him to search the vault.

So they went back to the vault...and guess who they found? Guy Fawkes...and 36 Kegs of Gun Powder. Needless to say they didnt wait around for him to light the fuse (although...lets get real...he was gaurding the powder...it was late at night on the eve of the attack date.)

So you see, Guy Fawkes was just the Guard, he wasnt the mastermind, and yet, it is he, whose name has become associated with the terrorist attack, and he whose effigy gets burned every year on top of a bonfire on November 5th.

but...what did happen to these men :ninja:

It turns out the letter may have come from a member of the Catholic Community in Britain...you see, Catesby had left london, and was heading North, trying to gain support, so that when the Bomb went off, and the Government dissapeared into the ether, there was something to replace it with. Unfortunately, not many people he spoke to in the Underground wanted to help him. Its likely one of those had such moral conviction, they wrote to their Roman Earl to tell him not to go, and he passed it on to his friend, the secretary of state.

Fawkes wouldnt talk when they took him to The Tower of London. Torture was already illegal, (something that appeared after the reformation) but it didnt cover political prisoners...what we would call Terrorists. So they ruffed fawkes up a bit. Fawkes didnt start talking until November the eighth. England had only one working Rack left...and that convinced him after days of silence to tell the truth.

over two hundred armed guards were dispatched that same day to get Robert Catesby who was by this time aware that the plot had failed. He made his last stand in some mansion with the small support he had gained for his political replacement. There was a shoot out, and that was the end of Robert Catesby. John was with him. So was Thomas Percy. Thomas Percy they decapitated.

Robert and Thomas Winter were arrested, Charged, and executed in January of 1606. The same with Guy Fawkes. These were special Executions that took place on purpose built scaffold (probably on loan from Tyburn which was just down the road) and took place outside the House of Lords itself.

The bodies were then decapitated, cut up, and Fed-Exed to various locations in the Empire to be put on display, to show what happens to naughty people who try to kill the King.

The End


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V for Vendetta was a great movie wasn't it.:happydancing:

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V for Vendetta was a great movie wasn't it.:happydancing:

You know, if George Washington had failed to win the support of the French in his Independance Bid...he two would have been tried and executed for Treason. Though...at least he didnt try to actively Kill the King...he just wanted freedom to get away from the King.

we had some really unhealthy habits...if you consider the fact that Fed Ex back then, isnt what its become...you cut up a body and send it to the American Collonies...it might take a month to get there by ship...WTF are you gonna have left to display :sick:

One Presumes that part of Fawkes ended up their?? maybe...hopefully...when they say "to the four corners of the Kingdom" they DONT mean Empire...otherwise that is truely the most vile thing I've ever heard...imagine having to the the one to deliver it...or open it...or...display it :sick::sick::sick:

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...and goodness knows how long they had to display it for...then presumably it was Return to Sender for burrial :laugh:

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this years fireworks display :w00t:



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You know, if George Washington had failed to win the support of the French in his Independance Bid...he two would have been tried and executed for Treason. Though...at least he didnt try to actively Kill the King...he just wanted freedom to get away from the King.

Well then...mighty good thing we won that war then huh?

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Well then...mighty good thing we won that war then huh?

...with a little help from the french...saying that in terms of a military victory is like blasphemy isnt it :laugh:

I prefer to think it was just an example of "Divine Providence" George Washington would understand that, to the best of my knowledge in reference to politics, he's the only person to have really used it. :laugh: