View Full Version : what has happened to Hywel Teague

10-26-2010, 08:43 PM

if anyone knows, please do tell.

I went to my issue of Fighters Only...and his "notes from Ringside" wasnt in it any longer...infact...he isnt listed as Editor of the Magazine anymore...their forum is dead as a dodo...so I cant exactly ask.

I'm mortified...if I find he's left, I dont think I shall renew my subscription when the time comes. :sad:

10-26-2010, 10:41 PM
:sad: okay, never mind. Mr Gerbasi told me that he isnt working for Fighters Only Magazine anymore :cry: Apparently he's freelance...but covered UFC120 for ESPN...so he's obviously not going to have trouble finding a mainstay residence when he wants to.

Guess its time for me, to dump Fighters Only also....I remember back in the spring of 2008 I had been a subscriber to Fighters Only Magazine since 2006...it only started in 2005...its approximately the same age as this forum :ninja: anyway, I was making some cuts in my spending, and Fighters Only came up as a possible thing I could drop.

I sat in tea shops for the whole week, and went through every single copy, I got information on all the local promotions, and decided that I needed to use this as a resource or it would not be worth the expenses. Thats why I booked my first trip to Cage Gladiators, and Cage Rage.

Shortly there after I got my camera, and that got a whole different ball game going. But back on the level with Fighters Only, I became interested in Hywel Teague, who was by this stage, I think, Editor. He had begun to publish a critics column in every issue called "Notes from Ringside"

Now I have never had any personal, direct, contact with Hywel Teague. He didnt add me on facebook or myspace when I tried to befriend him. Emile Coleman was going to introduce me to him, because he attended Cage Gladiators sometimes...but that never worked out. I didnt see him at the UFC Fan Expo...but then...if he was covering it for ESPN...he'd already left Fighters Only...so I wouldnt see him there would I.

However, I know he's not stupid, and I know he knows of me...because he has published me several times in his Magazine...I never had direct contact, I never intended for the emails I sent to end up printed on paper...but they did, and he would occasionally respond to my criticism of his articals, there...actually in print :laugh:

So to say he doesnt know who I am...when he picks and chooses...or should I say, edits out vast swaithes of my emails to him...if you see the letter page, you will note, its usually only a paragraph that gets printed...but dont be fooled...I never write just one paragraph to anyone ever :laugh: I would have formally introduced myself etc et al ad infintum :ashamed: So with that, and the fact I talk to his friends like Emile Coleman and Mr Gerbasi, it would be unlikely if he didnt have an incling of who I was...he probably read my articals on MMAHitPit dot com...I probably sent him links, because I am helpful like that :laugh:

So now he's gone, and there is a completely different editor with a different email address...though the one I used for Teague is still active, so whether that goes now to the new exec or is still used on the side by Hywel, I dont know, and probably never will. The magazine is just not the same...my time at Cage Gladiators is over...now with Hywel Teague removed as Editor (for what reason I dont know...but there is zero evidence of this smooth transition...which may mean that it wasnt on good grounds...a Retirement usually involves a good bye message....a dissapearing editor with no comment from the management usually means we dont want to talk about it) there is little point in me spending the money.

Luckily, I make one payment which covers the year...next time I simply wont repay. I dont need the magazine...it doesnt tell me anymore then Sherdog news...and by the time it reaches me, its been talked to death on this forum (well in times gone past at any rate)